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SoluPet, Dig Insights Research Findings Reveal a Canine Cognition Crisis is Coming

By Pet Age Staff//May 16, 2024//

SoluPet, Dig Insights Research Findings Reveal a Canine Cognition Crisis is Coming

By: Pet Age Staff//May 16, 2024//

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As dogs age, they face a growing risk of cognitive decline akin to humans. Recent research reveals that 30 million dogs in the U.S. have visited their vets for cognition concerns, yet viable treatments remain scarce. Among two of the top interventions, fish oil and milk thistle, lack scientific backing, leaving many dogs without adequate support. With the surge in dog ownership during the COVID pandemic, the prevalence of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) is poised to escalate, demanding urgent attention.

The findings stem from a comprehensive research study conducted by Dig Insights, a global tech-enabled market research company, who surveyed U.S. dog owners in April 2024. According to the survey data, only 5 percent of dogs aged 11 and above have been formally diagnosed with CCD, suggesting widespread underdiagnosis. Despite this, owners of senior dogs are increasingly noticing behavioral changes indicative of cognitive decline, such as altered sleep patterns and disorientation. However, these symptoms often go unrecognized or unaddressed.

SoluPet Inc., a pioneering pet supplement company driven by science and data, is leading the charge in combating CCD. Backed by a team of experts in neuroscience, nanotechnology and the pet industry, SoluPet is ramping up to offer a revolutionary supplement proven to halt dementia in animals.

According to SoluPet’s chief veterinary science advisor, Dr. Paul Dick, “CCD poses a significant threat to older pets, necessitating innovative solutions like SoluPet’s transformative supplement.”

“I started the company after seeing signs of dementia with our family dog, Lily, and realizing there were so few efficacious products to treat her. I decided I had to do something myself and sourced a novel product and a stellar advisory team of neuroscientists, nanotechnologists, and business leaders from the pet sector,” said Bill Mohri, founder and CEO of SoluPet.

Despite the prevalence of CCD, awareness among dog owners remains relatively low, with only 31 percent having heard of the condition. This underscores the need for increased education and outreach efforts, particularly among older demographics. Veterinarians emerge as pivotal players in this endeavor, not only in diagnosing and treating CCD, but also in fostering trust in effective solutions.

Furthermore, the research underscores that 77 percent of dog owners are interested in supplement products that are shown to be effective. This presents a substantial opportunity for SoluPet to meet the growing demand for cognition dog solutions. With the right awareness, education, and support from veterinary professionals, the tide against CCD can be turned, ensuring a brighter future for our lovable canine companions.