Smoochie Pooch, 123Pet Software Focuses on Pet Grooming Businesses

Pet Age Staff//November 12, 2018//

Smoochie Pooch, 123Pet Software Focuses on Pet Grooming Businesses

Pet Age Staff //November 12, 2018//

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Press release: Smoochie Pooch

Smoochie Pooch, a leading Indiana-based pet grooming mobile and salon business, tied up another successful year using 123Pet Software, a pet grooming business software by DaySmart Software. Until a few years ago, Smoochie Pooch had been an all-paper appointment book business. The owner, Brett Wilson, knew it was time for a change, so he turned to a tool that encompassed all the features needed to manage multiple brick-and-mortar stores, a mobile grooming service and overall business operations.

“123Pet provides us with all the tools needed to run my small business across nine locations,” said Brett Wilson, Owner of Smoochie Pooch. “123Pet is not a generic business software. It is one that really understands the unique operations of pet grooming, and I cannot say I have worked with a software that has that much flexibility.”

As Wilson looks back at the past three years using 123Pet, he attributes a lot of his success to the software that has helped him run and market his business. Not only does he keep his 7,000 clients happy with easy-to-use booking features, loyalty programs and quick POS checkout, but his employees benefit as well. They value from features such as remote web access for their schedules, simple payroll processes and client information databases.

“Taking care of your groomers is the most important thing you can do for your pet business because the pet’s grooming results will tell the story,” said Wilson, whose favorite part of working in the industry is getting to know his employees and customers.

Since implementing pet grooming software, Smoochie Pooch has been able to service more dogs per day, adding to their overall revenue stream and client-base. Brett has been able to track this success through 123Pet’s reporting feature which compiles sales reports, employee productivity and much more.

Through an ongoing, collaborative partnership with DaySmart, Brett has worked with the support team to address specific issues and suggest prospective add-on features.

“As we develop working relationships with our customers, we see overall success in our platform,” said Jeff Dickerson, CEO of DaySmart. “Our customers are the greatest source of inspiration for our products – listening has allowed us to tailor our software to meet their needs, ultimately benefiting our future customers in similar industries.”


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