SmarterPaw, Burlo Pet Services Distribution Deal Expands Brand Offering

Glenn Polyn//April 19, 2022//

SmarterPaw, Burlo Pet Services Distribution Deal Expands Brand Offering

Glenn Polyn //April 19, 2022//

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Press release: SmarterPaw

Kansas-based SmarterPaw is pleased to announce the expansion of its distribution partnership with Burlo Pet Services, Inc.

Burlo will now offer award-winning Doggijuana, a SmarterPaw Brand, dog toys with JuanaNip (100 percent catnip) to retailers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Chicagoland (Illinois).

Doggijuana product line will be available to retailers in these areas starting May 1. This expansion follows on the heels of Doggijuana’s sister brand Meowijuana, which continues to build success at retail in cat toys, catnip blends, cat treats and more.

Doggijuana’s innovative line of dog toys encourages and foster a dog’s instinct to experience the world through their noses with catnip,  Catnip is a natural way to encourage dogs to play, and Doggijuana’s proprietary Juananip ups the attractor-factor of toys and encourages dogs to play longer through scent. Whether inside the Doggijuana toy or sprinkled on top of a dog’s food, Juananip produces a calming effect that helps dogs chill – naturally.

“After great success with Burlo and our Meowijuana line of cat treats, cat toys, and catnip, we are thrilled to grow our partnership with Burlo by adding our Doggijuana dog toy product line to the mix,” said Geralynn Cada Ragan of Smarter Paw, LLC. “Our brand and company as a whole has been extremely fortunate in connecting with passionate pet-parents in the U.S. and abroad and this resounding reception would not be possible without strong partnerships like we have established with Burlo Pet Services.”

“We are excited to add Doggijuana to our growing brand portfolio and offer our retail customers new innovation that is fun and fresh,” states Gene Large, Co-Owner of Burlo Pet Services. “It will be a great expansion and complement to what we’ve achieved with Meowijuana in Burlo’s distribution region for four years.”


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