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Shed Defender Offers Innovative Way to Put Pet Hair in its Place

Pet Age Staff//January 24, 2017//

Shed Defender Offers Innovative Way to Put Pet Hair in its Place

Pet Age Staff //January 24, 2017//

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Shed Defender, a patent-pending onesie for dogs that contains pet hair, can replace the medical cone and reduces dirt, dander and allergens, is announcing that it’s now available to pet owners across the globe. Featuring a unique design and lightweight, breathable fabric, the Shed Defender offers relief for pet owners from the constant vacuuming and sweeping, protection from harsh weather and is a safe solution for dogs with skin or anxiety issues.

Founder and CEO Tyson Walters invented the Shed Defender as a way to help him control the hair from his beloved St. Bernard, Harley, who was constantly shedding in his car. After realizing there were no effective pet hair solutions on the market, he designed something completely new that would help reduce the amount of time he spent vacuuming and cleaning the dog hair out of his car. Walters spent several years perfecting the product, trying different models on Harley, which led to his patent-pending design. He launched the Shed Defender website and made it available to pet owners everywhere in late 2015 in response to the feedback and requests he was getting from friends, family and fellow dog lovers.

“I’m excited to be able to share the Shed Defender with dog owners everywhere who are looking for a safe, easy way to keep their cars and houses clean,” Walters said. “Beyond controlling pet hair, though, the Shed Defender has a variety of uses and it’s so rewarding to hear customers share stories about how the Shed Defender is helping dogs with skin conditions, allergies, or anxiety issues.”

The Shed Defender is made out of RecoTex, a premium recycled environmentally friendly fiber fabric. The polyester and spandex blend is strong enough to endure the wear and tear dogs will put it through, but light enough to keep them from overheating. Starting at $49.99, the Shed Defender comes in eight different sizes and several colors.

The Shed Defender is available at and is expected to hit store shelves later this year.