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Scenthound Growth Propelled by Recession-Proof Pet Industry

Glenn Polyn//June 18, 2020//

Scenthound Growth Propelled by Recession-Proof Pet Industry

Glenn Polyn //June 18, 2020//

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Press release: Scenthound

As economists have declared that the United States is officially in a recession, many people are wondering what industries will be able to withstand the economic impact of the pandemic. One Florida-founded franchise has taken strides in expansion over the last few months thanks to the recession-proof attributes of the pet industry. Scenthound, a wellness-based grooming concept, has been able to continue expansion and sell 11 new units during the pandemic, including its first out-of-state deal.

The wellness-based groomer has four locations open in their home market of Palm Beach County, Florida, and now 21 units in development across three states. During the pandemic alone, the brand has sold six units in the Atlanta area, three units in the Las Vegas area, and one unit in Parkland, Florida. Other units in development are in Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens, and Miami, Florida.

The brand believes its recent growth speaks to the strength of the pet industry. Despite economic downturn, many Americans decided to adopt pets during the pandemic and clear out shelters across the country. People have continued to invest in their pets and have proven that the pet industry is not only “essential,” but recession-proof.

“We are proud to be in an industry that will continue to remain strong,” said CEO Tim Vogel. “The pet industry has been thriving because people depend on pets for emotional support and improved quality of live. We believe that all dogs are therapy dogs, and seeing the animal shelters cleared out while the country was in quarantine showcases that. Our new franchisees chose to invest in us because they know that not even a pandemic could stop them from caring for and loving their dog.”

Scenthound was founded in 2015 after CEO Tim Vogel spent more than 10 years running both a mobile grooming business and local grooming “Scenters” and seeing first-hand the shortcomings within a booming pet industry and the lack of education surrounding dog grooming. Vogel began a mission to give dogs and their owners a fast, easy, and affordable grooming solution Scenters that provide a haircut, but more importantly, focus on a dog’s health.

“Everything that we do is with your dog’s health in mind,” added Vogel. “We are excited to continue on our growth path so that we can educate pet parents across the country about how grooming is so much more than just a haircut.”

Embedded in the name, Scenthound focuses on the five core areas of maintenance: Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails and Teeth. Their Scent Techs are fully trained to give each dog the care it requires—regardless of breed—and the membership program allows for dog parents to have the peace of mind that their fur family is cared for on a routine basis.

With all of the new pet parents thanks to the COVID-19 adoption surge, Scenthound is taking initiatives to educate them so that they understand the importance of preventive care to keep their furry friend healthy. The “Scenthound Salutes” campaign launching next month will be inviting new pet parents in for a free grooming and educational session to learn about how preventive care can change their new dogs’ life. The brand is excited that with nationwide growth comes more opportunities to teach people about the proper care their dog needs.

Scenthound is on track to sell 40 total units and open 20 by the end of the year. The brand has been franchising since last year and is actively seeking single and multi-unit franchise partners who are passionate about dogs and are looking for be hands-on with the business. Including a franchise fee of $50,000, the initial investment for a Scenthound location ranges between $206,400 to $378,400.