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Scenthound Grows Amid COVID-19

Pet Age Staff//April 29, 2020//

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Scenthound Grows Amid COVID-19

Pet Age Staff //April 29, 2020//

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Press release: Scenthound

While many businesses are halting expansion efforts, a Florida-based franchise is taking strides to bring its wellness-focused grooming services to Georgia. Scenthound is a membership-based dog groomer that is shaking up the $75 billion professional pet industry, and has just signed a development deal to bring three new locations to the Atlanta metropolitan area.

With four locations currently open and 11 additional units in development throughout Florida, the growing franchise is making its first entry into a new state, less than a year after announcing its franchise opportunity. While these are unprecedented times, local franchisee Doug Johnston is moving forward to bring economic growth to his community, with doors of his first location expected to open this fall. Johnston and his partner, Ann Sander, are eyeing the North Fulton area, including Alpharetta, Roswell and Milton for their Scenthound locations.

Prior to joining Scenthound, Johnston had a 35-year corporate career in finance, IT and operations. Sander is in her 11th year of residential real estate in the area. The two are excited to take on a new endeavor and were drawn to Scenthound because of the company culture, strong business model and their love for dogs.Scenthound 3_Doug Johnston

“Scenthound is a brand we are really excited to become a part of so that we can help serve the dogs in our community,” Johnston said. “During this pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty out there for many businesses, but after getting to know Scenthound, it became very clear to us that there is always going to be a need for pet care. The services that Scenthound provides keeps dogs healthy and prevents issues down the line. Our community loves their dogs, and we cannot wait to take care of them.”

Scenthound was founded in 2015 after CEO Tim Vogel spent more than 10 years running both a mobile grooming business and local grooming “scenters,” and seeing firsthand the shortcomings within a booming pet industry and the lack of education surrounding dog grooming. Vogel began a mission to give dogs and their owners a fast, easy, and affordable grooming solution with scenters that provide a haircut, but more importantly, focus on a dog’s health.

Embedded in the name, Scenthound focuses on the five core areas of maintenance: Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails and Teeth. Their Scent Techs are fully trained to give your dog the care that their breed requires—not just a haircut—and the membership program allows for dog owners to have the peace of mind that their furry friends are cared for on a routine basis.

“I looked into some other franchises when I decided I wanted to open my own business, but ultimately chose Scenthound because I really believe in what the brand has to offer,” added Johnston. “It’s not like any other groomer; the membership plan ensures that your dog gets the regular care it needs, and the company environment is so welcoming. Scenthound is for people who love their dogs unconditionally.”

As part of its Southeastern expansion plan, Scenthound aims to sell 40 total units and open 20 by the end of the year. Scenthound is actively seeking single and multi-unit franchise partners who are passionate about dogs and are looking to be hands-on with the business. Including a franchise fee of $50,000, the initial investment for a Scenthound location ranges $206,400 to $378,400.