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San Diego Southpaw Vet Welcomes Guests With Custom Mosaic Signage

Glenn Polyn//June 30, 2022//

San Diego Southpaw Vet Welcomes Guests With Custom Mosaic Signage

Glenn Polyn //June 30, 2022//

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Press release: Artaic

Southpaw Vet recently opened in the heart of San Diego offering “damn good vet care” to Mission Valley, Serra Mesa and all of Southern California. With the grand opening in April, the office is now accepting pet patients, who will enter the waiting room through the most welcoming signage.

Southpaw tapped Boston-based mosaic designer and manufacturer Artaic for a custom hand-cut tile design. Made of Natural Stone tile, the graphic entryway is durable enough to withstand sharp claws, and is highly cleanable for any puppy puddles.

For an area that needs to withstand constant foot – or paw – traffic and requires a high level of cleanability, Artaic’s non-porous and mold and mildew resistant mosaics are the top choice for adding that branding pizzazz that will remain attention-grabbing for years to come.

In addition to doorway signage, Artaic’s mosaic software, Tylist, can be used to accurately depict any image or idea through mosaic tile with the utmost detail – whether it be from an existing piece of artwork, design or photograph. With the ability to transform any design into a tile mosaic, Artaic is able to take custom design to a whole new level – creating imaginative, custom pieces for walls, floors, and surfaces of all-kinds.

Artaic uses robotic technology and innovative design tools to customize, design and fabricate award-winning mosaics for private and multi-family residences, public art installations, commercial properties, and corporate standard programs, as well as hospitality, healthcare and education environments. Artaic’s proprietary Tylist software enables its in-house design team to customize mosaics from any source of inspiration – whether it be a drawing, photograph, logo, or idea.

Artaic also offers a catalog of preconceived design collections, such as Lasting Rugs, GLYPH, Verge and Quad, that can be customized to fit projects of any scale and made unique by an expansive material and color palette. Artaic also develops smart tile programs for their customers’ field tile needs, leveraging their unparalleled product selection of vitreous glass, sintered glass, and glazed porcelain. The Boston-based company’s tailored approach and unique manufacturing process increases design flexibility while decreasing lead time and cost, making it a go-to resource for architects, interior designers, and artists across the globe.