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Samsung Displays Power Petco Pet Care Center Omnichannel Experience

Julia Rivera//November 10, 2022//

Samsung Displays Power Petco Pet Care Center Omnichannel Experience

Julia Rivera //November 10, 2022//

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Press release: Samsung

Samsung is playing an integral part in Petco’s pet care center in San Marcos, California featuring a new pet care center concept that is a physical manifestation of Petco’s omnichannel pet health and wellness ecosystem. From integrated check-in for veterinary services and grooming to dedicated areas for BOPUS and curbside order pickup, this location provides maximum levels of convenience to pets and their parents.

Samsung is helping to bring Petco’s vision for the future of pet retail to life with vivid LED videos and interactive displays that connect the physical and digital world.

Petco’s vision for pet care

From high-quality nutrition to affordable veterinary care, pet parents want nothing but the best for their beloved companions to live a long, healthy and happy life. Petco has been trailblazing new standards in pet care for more than 55 years and is dedicated to improving the lives of pets, pet parents and its own Petco partners (employees).

With evolving customer and pet needs in mind, Petco has undergone a transformation in recent years, starting as a traditional retailer to becoming a 360-degree omnichannel pet health and wellness partner. Petco’s San Marcos pet care center embodies this growth and vision for the modern pet care center experience. As customers discover when they enter the Petco pet care center, it’s more than just a place for kibble and catnip; it’s a one-stop destination for all pet care needs with seamless digital integration and “Petco & GO” convenient ways to shop, including buy online, pick-up in-store, curbside pick-up and same-day delivery.

The San Marcos Petco pet care center experience

More than ever, pet parents are seeking and willing to spend on products and services that will benefit their pets’ well-being. They’re looking for convenient access to veterinary care,  nutritious foods, quality grooming and more. Petco’s pet care centers, including the latest San Marcos location, have it all.

Within the re-vamped location, a full-service veterinary hospital offers comprehensive care, from routine exams to emergency surgeries. Grooming and self-washing stations are also available so pet parents can ensure their pets look and feel great. There are even on-site dog training classes and pet adoption services.

With such an innovative model, Petco wanted equally innovative digital technologies to connect these various services and inspire customers to explore, engage and buy—and thereby turned to Samsung. Together, Samsung and Petco deliver a data-enriched digital experience centered around pet health.

Within the San Marcos location, various Samsung solutions come together to create this immersive experience and vibrant digital ecosystem.

  • High-impact LED video walls: When pet parents enter the Petco pet care center, they are immediately struck by the high-contrast, precision quality of Samsung’s large LED video wall backdropped against the natural wood elements of the location’s interior. There are also video walls with relevant content that match each section. Beautifully detailed, the video walls create excitement and high-impact viewing with branded promos for shoppers.
  • Interactive displays inform shoppers with engaging nutritional content: Prioritizing pet nutrition, Petco has stocked a wide range of fresh, frozen and packaged foods plus vitamins and supplements for animals of all types. Samsung’s 55’’ interactive displays in the food aisles provide an intuitive and engaging way for shoppers to learn more about the nutritional value of their pet food products. Customers can get product recommendations and self-order goods for purchase on the bright and responsive screens, similar to online shopping.
  • Smart content and connected displays powered by Samsung excite customers with unique experiences: Samsung’s MagicINFO software empowers Petco with full dynamic control of all content across the location’s display ecosystem. MagicINFO is an intelligent software platform that uses traffic and engagement metrics to amplify the power of displays and deploy captivating content. Petco can intelligently update its displays with meaningful offers based on the time of day, weather, current foot traffic, inventory or special events. Leveraging sales data with MagicINFO, Petco understands which content resonates with pet parents and can make real-time modifications to maximize engagement and ROI.

“Petco’s San Marcos pet care center represents not only the future of the pet retail market but also pet care,” said Parrish Chapman, director of enterprise sales, Samsung. “The location provides everything a pet parent could ever need under one roof. You can go in for an annual vet exam, do a quick wash or pick up a treat. The best part is it’s a fully connected experience from the first display you see to the moment you checkout. As a dog parent myself, knowing that Petco has my dog’s full health and well-being covered builds a personal connection with the location and loyalty to the brand.”

This new Petco pet care center concept is a true test-and-learn lab – a place to test and try new things quickly, learn from how they perform and leverage those learnings across the broader brick-and-mortar footprint. Customer feedback on the new store concept has been resoundingly positive thus far. Samsung looks forward to continuing to be a key part of Petco’s journey to redefine the customer experience and future of retail.