Royal Canin, Eukanuba Petcare Unveil World Class Competition Facilities

October 6, 2017

Two of the most respected names in pet health nutrition are coming together to provide a best-in-class venue to honor incredible breeds and extraordinary performances. Royal Canin and Eukanuba, two Mars Petcare brands dedicated to providing premium nutrition to cats and dogs, came together with Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor and The Roberts Centre to unveil ROYAL CANIN RING and Eukanuba Field.

ROYAL CANIN RING, formerly known as Eukanuba Hall, offers the prestige of an opulent yet functional venue for conformation events for cats and dogs. The indoor venue has more than 80,000 square feet of flexible space to support a variety of event formats and vendors, including educational seminars, banquets, grooming and more. Amenities provided to all hosted events include:

  • Specialized red carpeting
  • Overhead, lit ring signage
  • Hot-water dog bathing facilities
  • Ring gating
  • Official win photo area
  • Cat-specific caging and dividers
  • Linens for judging tables and benching
  • Innovative scratching posts
  • Presentation ring
  • Examination tables

“We know that the dogs and cats who visit here are some of the most exceptional in North America, and we wanted to make sure the space reflects that,” said Kamie Eckert, president of Royal Canin USA. “ROYAL CANIN RING will highlight the many diverse, talented breeds of dogs and cats and celebrate these magnificent animals.”

ROYAL CANIN RING is complemented by the outdoor space, Eukanuba Field. The scalable, five-acre outdoor park includes fencing anRoyal Canin and Eukanuba Petcare Brands Come Together to Unveild obedience and agility equipment to showcase extraordinary canine abilities. Eukanuba Field is ideal for such competitive events as:

  • Agility trials
  • Obedience/rally trials
  • Lure coursing
  • Herding
  • Flying disc
  • Dock diving
  • Scent work

“The Eukanuba brand is focused on creating premium nutrition that helps bring out the best in your dog,” explained Jason Taylor, National
PRO Sales Director for Eukanuba. “It was only natural that we wanted to create a space that allowed dogs who visit here to perform their best by providing top-notch facilities.”

Events hosted at ROYAL CANIN RING and Eukanuba Field will be offered customized exhibitor bags for national specialty shows, personalized signage with each participating club’s logo and prizes.

In addition to the first-rate amenities in competitive and show arenas, The Roberts Centre provides pet-friendly and easily accessible on-site hotel and dining accommodations and RV parking, including 26 all-new standard electric RV hookups available for rent. These on-site features allow competitors from around the world to visit and have all the necessities for their event in one place.

The exemplary features of ROYAL CANIN RING and Eukanuba Field will be on display at the Eukanuba Performance Games this weekend. The inaugural iteration of the event will showcase the remarkable talents of dogs through six competitive events over four days, with 25 title games.

“This weekend is just the first of many successful events that we will continue to host here,” said Bruce MacLennan, general manager of The Roberts Centre. “We’re confident that visitors and competitors alike will be impressed not only by the array of skills and breeds on display, but the facilities and team here that is committed to excellence.”

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