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Rescue CBD Provides CBD Oil to Animal Shelters

Glenn Polyn//July 1, 2020//

Rescue CBD Provides CBD Oil to Animal Shelters

Glenn Polyn //July 1, 2020//

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Press release: Rescue CBD

Rescue CBD, a new company dedicated to the health and well being of animals in shelters, is releasing a line of CBD oil products designed to improve the quality of life for dogs and cats. As part of Rescue CBD’s commitment and mission to help animals everywhere, the organization will also be dedicating a portion of its profits to providing their CBD oil to animal shelters. The product launch coincides with 4th of July, a time when millions of animals experience heightened levels of anxiety and stress due to fireworks.

“We are excited to introduce a product to the market that will not only provide animals with immediate relief from a variety of symptoms like stress, anxiety or pain, but will also have lasting effects on improving their temperament to ensure pets remain happy companions,” said Brian Spreraza, co-founder of Rescue CBD with Robert Misseri, and the two are also part of the team behind Animal Planet’s The Guardians. “Not all CBD oils are created equal. It was our mission to develop a product that is not only 100 percent safe for pets everywhere but truly improves the quality of their lives.”

Rescue CBD uses a nanotechnology, the scientific process used to create more easily absorbed particles of CBD that is backed by third party analysis lab reports. Rescue CBD ensures its products contain 0.0 THC (tetra-hydrocannabinol), the cannabis component that causes psychoactive effects which can have lasting harmful effects to pets. Rescue CBD’s line of oil products are also non-GMO, 100 percent organic, solvent-free, and third-party tested for purity and safety.

In the United States approximately 6.5 million companion animals find themselves in shelters each year. Unfortunately, these shelters often see significant increases following July 4th festivities with the stress and anxiety of fireworks leaving animals prone to running away, aggression, and trauma. CBD (cannabidiol), a chemical compound that occurs naturally in cannabis (marijuana) and hemp are proven to offer animals relief from stress and anxiety and are 100 percent safe for animal consumption. 

“The 4th of July can be incredibly stressful for a dog. It is even more so for shelter dogs that are living in cages where noises are already amplified. We are so grateful to Rescue CBD for providing oil to help our animals get through what can be a very traumatizing night for shelter dogs.” said Niki Dawson, executive director, Saint Frances Animal Shelter, Georgetown, South Carolina.

According to countless testimonials and research, CBD has proven effective in improving a number of chronic conditions, including (but not limited to) stress, anxiety, seizures as well as pain, neuropathy, arthritis pain, inflammation, separation anxiety, allergies, autoimmune disease, and cancer. By acting on your pet’s endocannabinoid system, CBD can also disrupt the disease systems that are causing your pet pain and discomfort.