Red Roof, Canine Companions Partnership Offers Traveler Savings, Helps Transform Lives Via Service Dogs

By Pet Age Staff//February 1, 2024//

Red Roof, Canine Companions Partnership Offers Traveler Savings, Helps Transform Lives Via Service Dogs

By: Pet Age Staff//February 1, 2024//

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Press release: Red Roof

Red Roof, an award-winning leader in the lodging industry, is once again partnering with Canine Companions through its Room In Your Heart (RIYH) purpose-driven program. Canine Companions is an organization that transforms the lives of people with disabilities by providing expertly trained service dogs to those in need, including veterans.

Travelers who book and stay at any Red Roof Inn, Red Roof PLUS+, HomeTowne Studios by Red Roof or The Red Collection property from February 1, 2024, through February 29, 2024, save 15 percent on their stay, and 5 percent of the purchase price from that stay, completed before February 29, 2024, will be donated to Canine Companions.*

Canine Companions’ expertly trained service dogs make a world of difference by empowering Canine Companions’ clients to lead lives with enhanced independence. Canine Companions believes, and Red Roof agrees, that independence shouldn’t be limited to those who look or live a certain way. Disabilities reach all races, classes and backgrounds.

“Giving back is part of Red Roof’s DNA and through Room In Your Heart and our partnership with Canine Companions we are able to make a difference and improve people’s lives,” said Marina MacDonald, Red Roof chief marketing officer. “Over the past three years, Red Roof has donated more than $100,000 to Canine Companions.”

“We’re grateful for Red Roof and travelers who continue to support our life-changing mission through the Room In Your Heart program this February,” said Jeanine Konopelski, vice president of marketing and advocacy for Canine Companions. “Our service dogs, provided free of charge, open doors to the wider world for people with disabilities – a goal we couldn’t achieve without the generosity of partners and programs.”

Canine Companions transforms the lives of people with disabilities by providing their clients with expertly trained service dogs, free of charge. Their dogs are trained to perform practical tasks that enhance independence and reduce reliance on others. This powerful relationship leads to greater confidence and inclusion for a person with a disability.

Some of the brave veterans who have benefited from Canine Companions include:

US Army Veteran Don Jones:
“For me, post-traumatic stress disorder became an invisible scar that only I could see. It manifested as a cycle of anxiety and hypervigilance, making it challenging to fully immerse myself into civilian life. In 2019, I took a step which felt almost foreign to me: I prioritized my well-being. I applied to Canine Companions for a service dog and was blessed to be matched with Walla, whom I genuinely consider my “life saver.” Walla not only assists me in alleviating my anxiety in public situations, but she also comforts me during the haunting throes of nightmares by responding to tasks she learned in service dog training. Walla grounds me and makes me feel whole again.”

U.S. Army Veteran Kirsten Holley:
“I feel there is still a stigma surrounding post-traumatic stress disorder. Not all wounds are visible. Although it is hard to have an invisible wound, for me personally, Deen really helps with stress and anxiety interruption. I have more confidence going into public with him. I also no longer avoid social situations because of Deen.”

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Ben Connor:
“Sims has brought such structure back to my life and such joy. She makes life so much easier. Especially going out and doing things. I feel like a whole person all over again. She does things that most people take for granted. If I drop something on the floor, she can pick it up. She’ll open the doors when it’s hard to get through. I don’t know how I made it through all these years without Sims.”

Previous Red Roof Room In Your Heart philanthropic campaigns have been impactful for selected organizations, including the United Way Worldwide, American Cancer Society, The Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the USO, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and more.


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