Quality Marine Receives Rare Lennard’s Wrasse

April 12, 2017

After much anticipation, Quality Marine has received the Lennard’s Wrasse (Anampses lennardi). A. lennardi is an extremely rare, beautiful wrasse that has not been imported into the United State for many. This blue and yellow wrasse is found from the Eastern Indian Ocean to Northwestern Australia. The company’s Australian partners supply Quality Marine with an extensive list of rare and beautiful species and, Quality Marine says they are a model for their commitment to sustainable collection.

In the wild, adults can be found singly or in pairs around the surge zones down to about 24 meters deep. The water in this region of Australia goes through drastic temperature changes based on the currents flowing through, which creates a large temperature range that A. lennardi must acclimate to regularly. This wrasse begins life in its juvenile colors of black with white stripes across its body, a yellow dorsal fin and white spots on its face. However, their color will drastically change as they grow and will continue to become more colorful. The stripes will turn into about five intense, thick blue stripes against a golden body. The yellow and blue colors look exquisite under the actinic lighting popular in modern aquariums.

Anampses wrasses are one of the hobby’s most colorful fish and some are extremely rare. Because of their well-deserved reputation as finicky eaters, Quality Marine generally recommend them only to experienced aquarists. A. lennardi should be housed in a large aquarium with sandbed as that is where they sleep and hide. All Anampses wrasses should be fed a varied diet of thawed marine based meaty foods and a high quality pellet or flake at least two to three times per day, and more would be better. Aquariums should be covered as these have a tendency to jump when startled.

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