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QM Labs Successfully Aquacultures the Gulf Blenny (Ecsenius pulcher)

By Pet Age Staff//June 24, 2024//

QM Labs Successfully Aquacultures the Gulf Blenny (Ecsenius pulcher)

By: Pet Age Staff//June 24, 2024//

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Quality Marine recently announced that QB Labs has recently aquacultured the Gulf Blenny (Ecsensius pulcher), a unique and uncommon fish in itsstate-of-the-art hatchery in Los Angeles, California. QM Lab’s team of biologists is preparing to have its first ever release of this aquacultured fish, and Quality Marine hopes that, with future success, the Gulf Blenny will have the opportunity to grace many more marine fish tanks around the world.

Ecsenius blennies are a group of fish that are almost all beautifully colored, uniquely patterned, small in size as adults, and get along well with most other fish of different shapes. They lack a swim bladder — an organ that most fish have to help regulate buoyancy. This means that they are either swimming around, perched on a rock, or perhaps relaxing in a hole with just their faces sticking out. In recent years, some of these amazing fish have even become available as aquacultured specimens. There is one blenny that you may not have heard of before, which isn’t widely available in North America because it is found only in the Indian Ocean, most often in the Gulf of Oman and along the African coast. This species is commonly referred to as the Gulf blenny (Ecsenius pulcher).

In the wild, Ecsenius pulcher is a grazing fish that loves to mow down a variety of algae, but they also consume a large number of small invertebrates while doing so. It’s important to offer both some greenery and some protein in their diet; this process is made much easier with these aquacultured fish because we can rely in part on the high-quality pellets from Nutramar. The Algae and Color Boost Shots provide them with excellent balanced nutrition, and frozen preparations such as Gamma Mysis Shrimp and Gamma Brine Shrimp plus spirulina ensure proper nutrition.

This not commonly seen species was successfully aquacultured in our state-of-the-art QM Labs hatchery in Los Angeles, California. QM Labs is the first to accomplish this on a commercial level in the United States. Our dedicated team of biologists has been working hard to overcome challenges so that the Gulf blenny could be added to our ever-growing list of QM Labs in-house aquacultured species. Currently, the company is preparing to release its first batch of aquacultured Gulf blennies, and with future success, this infrequently seen fish in the aquarium trade will grace marine aquariums around the world.

Quality Marine is proud to offer our aquacultured Gulf blennies through QM Labs to our valued retail store partners. This achievement highlights our commitment to advancing the aquaculture of marine ornamental fishes. The process of culturing marine ornamentals requires significant dedication and investment in time and resources. Continued support is crucial for the growth and efficiency of QM Labs’ aquaculture facilities. This support enables us to expand our operations and offer a broader variety of high-quality, aquacultured species to the hobby and trade.