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Purina Turns Aisles Purple to Support Domestic Violence Survivors with Pets

Glenn Polyn//May 4, 2021//

Purina Celebrates National Pet Month by Turning Pet Aisles Purple to Support Domestic Violence Survivors with Pets

Purina Turns Aisles Purple to Support Domestic Violence Survivors with Pets

Glenn Polyn //May 4, 2021//

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Press release: Purina

This May, National Pet Month, Purina is proud to offer specially-marked packaging for several of its products in support of the Purple Leash Project, a national initiative founded by Purina and the nonprofit RedRover to provide more resources and support for domestic violence survivors with pets. Together with its Beggin’, Tidy Cats, Purina Cat Chow and Beneful brands, Purina is close to reaching their goal of donating more than $1 million to help create more pet-friendly domestic violence shelters across the U.S., so survivors and their pets can escape abuse and heal together.

A critical reality is that as few as 10 percent of domestic violence shelters in the U.S. allow pets. Due to a lack of pet-friendly accommodations, nearly 50 percent of victims delay leaving their abuser because they are unable to take their pet with them to a shelter. But through the Purple Leash Project and support from other organizations, more pet-friendly resources for survivors with pets are steadily emerging.

“Two years after Purina and RedRover launched the Purple Leash Project, we’re starting to see incredible progress and momentum toward our vision of creating more pet-inclusive domestic abuse services nationally,” said Nina Leigh Krueger, CEO and president of Purina. “With hundreds of survivors and their pets supported through this initiative, we’re committed to protecting the unique bond we share with our pets so that survivors of abuse and their pets can start the healing process together.”

Since 2019, Purina and RedRover have worked to drive awareness of the core issue and change the landscape of domestic violence services for survivors with pets through Purple Leash Project grants, volunteer efforts and successfully advocating for federal resources and funding. Purina is also thrilled to have countless partners and advocates support this cause like journalist and talk show host Tamron Hall, who is supporting this initiative for a second year as a longstanding and outspoken champion for survivors and a pet lover.

“My support of the Purple Leash Project is deeply important to me because of my personal connection to domestic violence after losing my beloved sister, Renate, to domestic abuse,” says Hall. “Right now, the Purple Leash Project is working towards the goal of 25 percent of U.S. domestic violence shelters to become pet-friendly by the end of 2025. This program has the power to fundamentally change the landscape of domestic violence services for survivors with pets.”

Getting Involved

Since founding the Purple Leash Project, Purina and RedRover have provided 21 Purple Leash Project grants totaling more than $300,000 in funding to domestic violence shelters across the U.S. to help them become pet-friendly or expand their pet-friendly services.

There are several ways that pet lovers can support the mission of the Purple Leash Project:

  • Head to the Pet Food Aisle – Pet lovers can look for signage and specially-marked Purina brand packaging during the month of May at their favorite retailers including Walmart, Target, Chewy, Kroger, Meijer, PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus to learn more about the program.
  • Make a Donation – By making a donation to the Purple Leash Project via RedRover, you can support the mission by helping to fund more grants to more shelters. As a thank you, donors who pledge $60 or more will receive a limited-edition purple leash or cat collar of their own.
  • Show Support on Social – Share more about this cause on Instagram using the hashtag #PurpleLeashProject in May and throughout the year.

To learn more about the Purple Leash Project, make a donation or sign up for ongoing updates, visit

If you know someone who is being abused and ready to leave with their pet, they can find information on pet-friendly shelters in their area at