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Purina Donates $25K to Help Pets, People Impacted by Midwest Tornadoes

Glenn Polyn//December 16, 2021//

Purina Donates $25K to Help Pets, People Impacted by Midwest Tornadoes

Glenn Polyn //December 16, 2021//

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Press release: Purina

As first responders continue search and rescue efforts in the wake of the recent tornadoes that swept across six states in the South and Midwest United States, Purina recently announced a $25,000 grant to Greater Good Charities to support the organization’s rescue and relief efforts. Purina’s donation will help fund emergency relief, food, medication and more to the thousands of people and pets impacted by the storms.

“Our hearts go out to the families and pets affected by the devastating tornadoes that swept across the country last weekend, including our home state of Missouri,” said Kim Beardslee, director of community affairs. “Purina has a long history of supporting communities in the wake of natural disasters, and we’re proud to partner with Greater Good Charities to support their life-saving work during this time of great need.”

Purina partner, Greater Good Charities, has teams on the ground in hardest-hit Kentucky, supporting clean-up crews and assessing food, first aid and pharmaceutical needs. Greater Good Charities is also working with the Kentucky Humane Society to transport nearly 100 dogs and cats that were in the care of the Mayfield animal shelter prior to the storm, making room for pets that are now displaced as a result of the tornadoes.

In times of natural disaster, Purina provides timely support to people and pets in need by working with its nonprofit partners to deliver pet food, litter and funding to areas that are being impacted. Since 2017, Purina has donated more than $350,000 and more than 640,000 pounds of Purina pet food and cat litter to support victims of natural disasters across the United States.