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Sep 25, 2023

Go! Solutions Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Insect Recipe

Looking for a delicious, limited-ingredient diet that’s sustainable, and highly digestible? Try Go! Solutions Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Insect Recipe for Dogs. Formulated by Petcurean’s nutrition experts with all the nutrients your dog needs, it features hypoallergenic black soldier fly larvae, a novel protein for pets with food sensitivities.  

Sep 18, 2023

Zee.Dog Mr. X & Cyclops 2-in-1 Dog Toys

Mr. X and Cyclops are 2-in-1 plush chew toys with a soft, plush exterior that is designed to be shredded and a durable inner rubber skeleton. You get two toys in one: a no-stuffing plush toy and a natural rubber toy that’s hidden inside the plush toy. These toys are great for small to medium […]

Sep 4, 2023


VFS POWERHOUND is energy dense, high protein canine nutrition with guaranteed ultra-low carbohydrates tailored for performance. VFS POWERCAT is obligate carnivore nutrition specifically formulated to match the needs of the unique feline metabolism. These SquarePet diets feature high meat-based protein paired with ultra-low carbohydrates to provide the carnivorous amino acids to help promote strong[...]

Aug 21, 2023

Intersand’s OdorLock maxCare Ultra-Premium Litter

Intersand’s OdorLock maxCare is an ultra-premium clay litter that is made with the highest quality bentonite, guarantees 40 days of no odor, and contains granules that will turn blue when put into contact with blood and/or glucose in the cat’s urine, which are excellent early indicators of urinary tract diseases and/or diabetes. This easy-to-use and read […]

Aug 14, 2023

ZIWI Lamb Recipe Dog Food Cans

The perfect topper! New Zealand is famous for its world-class lamb, ethically raised by multi-generational family farmers under perfect conditions. New Zealand’s temperate climate and lush, nutrient-rich farmland allow the lamb to graze all year round. This single-protein food from ZIWI is gently nourishing and great for dogs with food sensitivities.  

Aug 8, 2023

Fruitables Spreads

Spoonable, Spreadable, Bakeable – Fruitables Spreads are the 100  percent naturally creamy treat dogs love. Made in the U.S.A. with real nuts and fruit, you can even bake it in the oven for amazing canine cookies.

Jul 31, 2023

Go! Solutions Boosters

Big solutions from a little boost! Introducing Petcurean’s new Go! Solutions Boosters, functional, single-serve, wet toppers expertly crafted with irresistible flavor and nutritional benefits, available in eight recipes for both dogs and cats. Visit Petcurean at SuperZoo booth 1358 to learn more.  

Jul 24, 2023

Company of Animals Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector is a cruelty-free way to ‘correct’ unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking. Designed by behavioral experts over 20 years ago, Pet Corrector generates a ‘hiss’ of air, mimicking the natural warning sounds from cats or snakes. Dogs instinctively react to this noise, helping us to retrain and reward them.  

Jul 17, 2023

Zee.Dog SofterWalk No-Pull Harness

The SofterWalk harness from Zee.Dog is a no-pull harness with a front D-ring that gently guides the dog to stop pulling, a back D-ring for use as a traditional harness and a padded grab handle for extra control. Available in multiple colors and three sizes (Small, Medium, Large). MSRP: $26.99 – $35.99.  

Jul 10, 2023

PURRfect Pouncer Cat Toy

The award winning PURRfect Pouncer cat toy features an array of natural feathers and a 20 inch vegetable tanned leather cord. Cats can’t resist the natural smell and feel of real prey. Handmade in the U.S.A. by Vee Enterprises.

Jul 3, 2023

ACANA Butcher’s Favorites Dog Food

New ACANA Butcher’s Favorites recipes provide dogs with variety as they discover hearty, meaty flavor in every bite. Each recipe is rich with fresh or raw animal ingredients, balanced with wholesome vegetables and fruit, plus tender pieces of jerky. ACANA Butcher’s Favorites also help support three key health benefits, including digestive health, skin and coat […]

Jun 26, 2023

Get Naked Functional Dental Sticks

Promote a calm, positive mood to address hyperactivity and cope with stress or anxiety with Get Naked Functional Dental Sticks – Calming Health. Made from the finest natural and healthful ingredients, this grain-free treat features higher levels of nutritional value from fruits and vegetables, with added vitamins and minerals. Get Naked Functional Dental Sticks – […]