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Lucky Flyer and Cruise-N-Snooze


These small animal toys are naturally safe to chew and great for hiding, resting or nesting. www.warepet.com View Product →

Pet Allergen Reducer


Pet Allergen Reducer is a first-of- its-kind, all natural supplement that reduces the Can f 1 protein of dogs’ saliva, and the Fel d 1 protein in cats’ saliva and skin. One dose per day can be given to dogs or cats in food or a treat to reduce allergy symptoms. www.petallergenreducer.com View Product →

Ruff on Bugs


Ruff on Bugs is the 100 percent organic, non-GMO flea and tick spray made just for dogs. It contains no chemicals and no synthetics. Vet-formulated Ruff on Bugs reliably replaces risky chemical spot-on treatments and pills and is made with pure ingredients proven effective against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other pests. www.ruffonbugs.com View Product →

Mighty Mojo Mushroom CBD-Rich Hemp Oil


This product provides powerful immune support with 250 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD oil and 13.5 grams of wild harvested chaga mushroom extract. In addition to the many potential benefits of CBD (including anxiety relief, reduced inflammation, immune support and more), chaga mushrooms are a nutrient-dense “superfood” and powerful antioxidant that can help balance the immune […] View Product →

Blueberry Wiggle Biscuit Treats


v-dog has launched its second flavor of Wiggle Biscuits, a vegan and organic dog treat. They’re gain-free, made with no GMOs and are packed with superfoods like coconut, kale, buckwheat and blueberries. The new blueberry flavor is great for peanut-free households and perfect for dogs of all sizes. www.v-dog.com View Product →

Healthy Paws Herbals Allergy + Itch Relief


Healthy Paws Herbals Allergy + Itch Relief was created for pets with an itchy skin/coat associated with allergies and/or sinusitis, red eyes, dermatitis, eczema, rash and excessive mucus in the eyes and/or nose. The formula has a drying effect as well as anti-itching. Simply add to pets’ water or food. Healthy Paws Herbals offers safe, […] View Product →

Healthy Paws Herbals Calming/Anti-Seizure


Healthy Paws Herbals Calming was created for pets who suffer from anxiety, hyperactivity, obsessive compulsive behavior or trauma. The formula may also help reduce seizures and hypertension. The herbs help down-regulate the nervous system without having the drugged effect of pharmaceuticals. The product is administered simply by adding to pets’ food or water. www.healthypawsherbals.com View Product →



Nosemagik is made with Canadian beeswax and all-natural ingredients. It soothes, relieves, moisturizes and protects dry, chapped noses like magic. The lickable non-toxic formula is perfect for all dogs and cats and is proudly made in Canada. www.muttluks.com View Product →

Organic Herbal Healing Remedies


These Herbal Healing Remedies are organic, powerful, and effective. Earth Animal offers an abundance of gentle, herbal remedies for dogs’ or cats’ pure and natural journey. These are proudly made in the Green Mountains of Vermont. www.earthanimal.com View Product →

Megamazon Pet Care Line


Using natural ingredients collected in a sustainable way from the Amazon rainforest, the Megamazon Pet Care line introduces high performance products with eco-friendly concepts for pets’ bath routine. Indulge in the gentle paraben- and colorant-free shampoos, conditioners and fast shower sprays that incorporate natural fruit extracts infused with vitamins and antioxidants. www.petsocietyusa.com View Product →

kin+kind Organic Grooming Line for Cats


kin+kind’s premium shampoos are made from organic oils and natural glycerin for a deeply moisturizing clean. These natural soaps are free of drying sulfates and paraben preservatives. Because cats can be particularly sensitive to fragrances and essential oils, kin+kind’s Kitty Shampoo and Conditioner are unscented and extra-gentle. www.kin-kind.com View Product →

kin+kind Organic Shampoos for Dogs


kin+kind’s premium shampoos, available in Hot Spot and Healing Clay, are made from organic oils and natural glycerin for a deeply moisturizing clean. These natural soaps are free of drying sulfates and paraben preservatives. The newest additions to these premium offerings employ essential oils to heal and soothe. Tea tree oil in kin+kind’s Hot Spot […] View Product →

Dr. King’s Natural Pet Pharmaceutical


These all-natural and homeopathic liquid formula products are a pure water base, so they mix into pets’ water or food. They are also sugar- and alcohol-free. For dogs, formulas include Allergies; Anxiety & Stress Control; Muscle, Joint & Arthritis; Skin & Itch; Teeth & Gums; and Yeast Control. For cats, formulas include Anxiety & Stress […] View Product →

Paw Pods


Paw Pods are 100 percent biodegradable and contain no artificial colors. They’re made with sustainable bamboo and rice husk, designed to degrade within three to five years of being introduced to the environment. They can help pet owners of all ages say goodbye to pets in a healthy, sensible way. They are also a good […] View Product →

Liver Log Chews


Liver Log chews are part of the new suite of Jones Natural Chews products. The Liver Logs are made with USA natural beef liver and other natural ingredients and baked to be a soft, sturdy treat to hold a dog’s chewing attention. www.jonesnaturalchews.net View Product →

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