Premium Pet Food Brand Vital Essentials Announces Distribution Partnerships for Canadian Expansion

By Pet Age Staff//March 5, 2024//

Premium Pet Food Brand Vital Essentials Announces Distribution Partnerships for Canadian Expansion

By: Pet Age Staff//March 5, 2024//

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Vital Essentials, the flagship premium raw pet food brand of the Carnivore Meat Company, recently announced strategic partnerships with Anipet Animal Supplies Inc. and Freedom Pet Supplies Inc., marking a significant step toward expanding the brand’s premium freeze-dried and frozen pet food distribution in Canada.

Anipet Animal Supplies Inc., a family-owned distributor based in Western Canada, alongside Freedom Pet Supplies, the foremost distributor in Eastern Canada, are joining forces with Vital Essentials to widen the brand’s reach and penetrate new market segments throughout the nation. This collaboration will elevate Vital Essentials’ presence, ensuring Vital Essentials’ full line of Butcher Cut Protein products are readily accessible to Canadian pet retailers, consumers and their pets.

“This partnership positions Vital Essentials for expanded distribution of its vast variety of raw freeze-dried and frozen dog and cat food, toppers, treats and raw bar snacks, ensuring pets are provided the highest quality whole animal protein available,” said Nick Ebert, chief commercial officer. “Because better protein equals better benefits. Vital Essentials premium raw Butcher Cut Protein supports energetic playtimes, healthier & shinier coats, and lean & strong muscles for vital lives. We believe every pet deserves the best, and we’re committed to making that a reality with our new distribution partners in Canada, Anipet and Freedom.”

“We were flattered to have been recommended by area retailers to be a representative of Vital Essentials,” said John Ayres, CEO of Freedom Pet Supplies Inc. “Our sales and marketing approach to representation meshed perfectly with Vital Essentials’ desire to grow the brand in Canada. And we’re excited to have the commitment of bilingual packaging, allowing us to represent the line in Canada’s second largest population, the province of Quebec. We look forward to making Vital Essentials a household name in the Canadian market.”

“Partnering with Vital Essentials is a pivotal moment for Anipet, allowing us to bring innovative, high-quality pet nutrition options to the Canadian market. It aligns perfectly with our mission to offer the best products for pet health and well-being. By combining our strong distribution network with Vital Essentials’ premium raw protein, we’re set to meet the growing demand for high-quality pet foods, enhancing the lives of pets and pet owners across Canada.’ says Troy Firth, CEO of Anipet Animal Supplies.

Vital Essentials, Anipet Animal Supplies Inc. and Freedom Pet Supplies Inc. are mutually committed to superior food quality and safety standards. Through this partnership, all companies will utilize their combined resources of manufacturing excellence, product innovation, sales execution and distribution to work together to establish Vital Essentials as Canada’s leading household pet food brand.