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Polkadog Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Cake Batter, Green Monstah

Glenn Polyn//March 20, 2023//

Polkadog Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Cake Batter, Green Monstah

Glenn Polyn //March 20, 2023//

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Press release: Pokadog

Polkadog’s kitchen is one of the most trusted pioneers of handmade, healthy, sustainable pet treats. This year, Polkadog celebrates 20 years of excellence with two new treats: Cake Batter, launching on National Pet Day (April 11), and Green Monstah, available on Earth Day (April 22), both of which will be online and at brick-and-mortar locations where Polkadog is sold.

Cake Batter, made from bananas and Boston’s own all-natural Teddie Peanut Butter, joins Polkadog’s catalog of sustainably sourced, limited-ingredient treats. Handmade for birthdays, rescue gotcha days, and in fact all the party days, Cake Batter is a soft and chewy treat perfect for any celebration.

“Grab the Crab!  Help the Kelp!” Polkadog’s founder Deb Suchman says, when asked about Polkadog’s newest treat and restoration project: Green Monstah. The product is made from green crab and kelp, two local ultra-rich sources of protein and Omega-3s, and these two ingredients are particularly special.

“Finding ways to manage the over-abundance of green crab populations in New England waters is the challenge,” Suchman said. “The reward is the restoration of biodiversity in coastal ecosystems, and the creation of new economic opportunity for local fishers.  High-protein kelp, one of the healthiest, richest sources of amino acids, faces increasing stress from warming waters and invasive crab species. New England kelp farming is restoring balance to the natural ecosystems.”

To help retailers promote the new treats, celebrations, sustainability projects and more, Polkadog has created brand new POP signage, endcap designs, shelf talkers and other fun wobblers to capture the excitement of the Polkadog experience.

Polkadog will also be on-site at this year’s Global Pet Expo, taking place from March 22 to 24 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This premier event is the place for exhibitors to share their newest and most innovative products for pet owners nationwide, and Polkadog’s presence will be represented at Booth No. 1229 throughout the entire weekend. Additionally, expo-attendees will be able to pre-order both of these new products on site at the event, and will be given an extra 15 percent off for doing so.