Plant-Base Health Company NCI Launches Ahiflower Omega Crumbles, Press Cake

By Pet Age Staff//March 12, 2024//

Plant-Base Health Company NCI Launches Ahiflower Omega Crumbles, Press Cake

By: Pet Age Staff//March 12, 2024//

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Natures Crops International (NCI), a leader in regenerative and innovative plant-based health and wellness products, has announced the launch of Ahiflower Omega Crumbles and Ahiflower Press Cake, ingredients to support the nutritional health and well-being of pets. Building on the growth of Ahiflower oil as an advanced and sustainable alternative to fish oil, and the increasing demand for natural, safe and sustainable solutions in the pet care sector, NCI has developed ingredients that leverage the nutrient-rich properties of Ahiflower seeds sourced from NCI’s proprietary varieties of Buglossoides arvensis, a native plant species found throughout North America and Europe.

Ahiflower seeds are distinguished by their superior complete and balanced multi-omega composition, plus their very high mineral and comprehensive amino acid content. Unlike most seed-based ingredients, they are also low in starch and digestible energy. Grown regeneratively by UK farmers, this non-GMO crop is completely traceable, sustainable and price competitive vs. alternative ingredients.

“The introduction of Ahiflower Omega Crumbles and Press Cake as ingredients in the international pet nutrition and supplement industry is an important and exciting development for Natures Crops International,” said Hattie Hebard, product manager at NCI. “As pet owners increasingly prioritize the health and well-being of their furry companions, we are committed to providing safe, effective, and renewable solutions to support pet health and nutrition. With Ahiflower Omega Crumbles and Press Cake, pet owners can trust that they are providing their pets with the best possible nourishment.”

Ahiflower Omega Crumbles is an Omega-rich ingredient that has been developed using steam cooking and milling technology to increase the nutrient availability and digestibility of Ahiflower seeds. Uniquely nutrient-dense, the crumbles offer a 100 percent plant-based complete delivery of Omega-3 fatty acids while also providing essential minerals and amino acids without contributing high levels of starch or sugar to the diet.

Ahiflower Press Cake is a mineral-rich, partially defatted meal, produced as a co-product during the expeller pressing of Ahiflower seeds, making it a fully plant-based, upcycled ingredient. Both the Press Cake and Crumbles uniquely contain naturally high levels of silica and digestible calcium, beneficial for dental health and for maintaining gastric pH balance. These ingredients are easily incorporated into feed, treat, and supplements products and are suitable for canine, equine and avian nutrition, as well as many small pet species.