PIJAC Urges California Governor to Veto Bill Regarding Pet Sale Bans of Non-Rescued Animals

September 14, 2017

The following is a press release sent out by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC):

PIJAC is urging California Governor Jerry Brown to veto Assembly Bill 485. AB 485 is a statewide ban on the sale of non-rescue, non-shelter dogs, cats and rabbits from pet stores. The bill passed the state Senate on Tuesday and was approved by the Assembly today, Sept. 14.
A late amendment to the bill exempts pet dealers from 17 of 21 consumer and pet protections that apply to pet store cat and dog purchases. According to PIJAC President Mike Bober, “This amendment codifies what pet professionals across California and the country have been saying since AB 485 was introduced: Pet owners and pet lovers lose out.”

The affected regulations are in Article 2 of the California Health and Safety Code, Division 105, Part 6, Chapter 5. They were established by the Lockyer-Polanco-Farr Pet Purchase Protection Act, which is regarded as one of the nation’s strongest consumer and pet safeguards. AB 485 exempts pet stores from consumer information requirements, warranty provisions, fines for violators, and other important regulations.

PIJAC summarized the full list of exemptions on Tuesday morning. According to Bober, the changes “should concern all advocates for animal welfare.”
“Assembly Bill 485 reverses California’s tradition of leading the nation in pet and consumer protections,” Bober said. “Governor Brown, please veto this bill for the sake of your constituents, both four-legged and two-legged.”

National and state advocates for companion animals have also opposed AB 485 because there is no requirement for rescues and shelters to work with pet stores to provide animals for sale. Pet professionals say AB 485 risks jobs and denies Californians their choice of pet.


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