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Phillips Offers New Marketing Program for Retailers

Pet Age Staff//April 2, 2014//

Phillips Offers New Marketing Program for Retailers

Pet Age Staff //April 2, 2014//

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Phillips Pet Food & Supplies is offering retailers a new marketing program designed to help streamline operations.

The iT Kit includes marketing and customer outreach, store design, insurance and point of sale.

It has tools to help retailers reach customers through direct mail, email and text to drive both new and returning customers through promotions and marketing messages. Store design has resources to help merchants improve their store design and displays, as well as get online.

The kit also helps retailers leverage insurance rates by grouping stores together, and point-of-sale features LightSpeed’s system that helps streamline inventory management. The programs that make up the iT Kit center around three customer principles: drive, enhance and retain. A retailer needs to drive customers into the store by making them aware of their store’s existence. Once they are in the store, enhance their experience in comparison to the competition. Lastly, they need to retain them to turn the customer into a loyal, repeat customer.

There is a “mail iT” program that allows retailers to send direct mail postcards to targeted consumers in a store’s neighborhood at a reduced cost.

The “Web iT” is a partnership with Pet Store Websites, affording retailers a discounted website creation, management content and social media.

Phillips partnered with Big Oyster and Petz Mobile to offer retailers the “text iT” program. It allows retailers to send store and manufacturer offers via text, directly to consumers’ opted-in phones every single week.

The “POS iT” program is partnered with LightSpeed to help retailers who don’t have, or need to improve, their POS system. If a store has fixture, design or layout needs, Handy Store Fixtures is the solution for the “design iT” program.

Finally, the “insure iT” program creates a comprehensive insurance program designed to negotiate savings for independent retailers.