Pharos Diagnostics Expands into Veterinary Diagnostics Market

Pet Age Staff//January 18, 2017//

Pharos Diagnostics Expands into Veterinary Diagnostics Market

Pet Age Staff //January 18, 2017//

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The Pharos Diagnostics team is expanding and will be among the first diagnostic laboratories to offer mass spectrometry into the veterinary diagnostic market. Mass spectrometry is widely regarded as the most accurate and sensitive scientific method for measuring drugs, hormones and other analytes in both humans and animals. Additionally, Pharos Veterinary Diagnostics will be one of the few veterinary diagnostic laboratories in the country that will be operating under the guidelines of CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, the federal standard for laboratories that perform human diagnostics).

Technology improvements of the last decade haven’t been fully provided to the veterinary diagnostic market, according to Pharos Diagnostics. Veterinarians traditionally have had to choose between expensive, slow and sometimes inaccurate testing options whether performing testing in their office or through external providers, the company said. Especially when compared to their peers in human medicine, Pharos Diagnostics says veterinarians haven’t enjoyed the benefits of the advancements in diagnostic technology, and that its company is poised to fill this void.

The primary benefits to veterinarians will be more accurate testing, with faster turnaround time, in a more cost effective manner. The mass spectrometer platform employed by Pharos Diagnostics allows multiple tests to be performed using the same sample. That smaller sample can often be obtained using less intrusive methods, meaning less hassle for the veterinarian and a better experience for the pet and its owner.

As part of developing its world-class services offering, Pharos Veterinary Diagnostics is pleased to announce the addition of two renowned veterinarians to its scientific advisory board, Dr. Robert Murtaugh (DVM, MS, DACVIM, DACVECC, and FCCM) and Dr. Dale Paccamonti (DVM, MS, DACT).

Pharos Veterinary Diagnostics will support individual veterinarians as well as veterinary hospitals with specific outsourced testing requirements that can be efficiently provided by a laboratory experienced in more esoteric testing specialties. Initial testing services include several broad toxicology panels, wellness panels and a range of difficult to perform multiplexed tests that assist veterinarians in diagnosing complex metabolic or hormonal issues.


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