PetSmart, Mixbook Partnership Celebrates Wag-Worthy Occasions

Glenn Polyn//April 11, 2023//

PetSmart, Mixbook Partnership Celebrates Wag-Worthy Occasions

Glenn Polyn //April 11, 2023//

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Press release: Mixbook

Mixbook, the No. 1 rated photo book brand offering unrivaled creative freedom and the largest selection of designs, today announced a partnership with PetSmart to develop its PetSmart for Mixbook Collection. With six new and unique photo book pet themed templates to help preserve pets’ milestones, each template was thoughtfully designed with the help of pet parent experts. Design elements include stickers and graphics to capture the essence of the special relationship between pets and their humans. As a bonus, members of PetSmart’s Treats loyalty program will receive exclusive offers on the PetSmart for Mixbook Collection.

“Our customers are passionate about turning their photos and memories into photo book stories to treasure, including stories with their pets. We’ve seen a massive increase over the past few years of photo books celebrating pets,” said Benjamin De Castro, CMO at Mixbook. “Looking back to 2021 we saw a  two-times increase in the pet photo book category over the prior year. At the time, we thought this might be related to the boom in pandemic adoptions. However, the trend continued and we saw another massive four-times increase from 2021 to 2022 in the same category. It’s clear that pet parents want a beautiful and personalized way to celebrate their unique family, of all shapes and sizes, and what better way then to partner with PetSmart to develop a fun and distinctive collection to deliver on that.”

The six new photo books were designed to celebrate the milestones and memories in pets’ lives.

Pet parents can use Mixbooks to capture and remember their pet’s first days home, birthday celebrations, and all the sweet, everyday moments that make life with a pet so special. As always thanks to Mixbooks’ industry-leading project editor, every photo book can be completely customized to create a truly one of a kind item.

“Creating the PetSmart for Mixbook Designer Collection alongside Mixbook allows pet parents to bring their memorable pet photos from their phone to their coffee table, giving pet parents more ways to build loving bonds with their pets and cherish the role pets play in their lives,” said Will Smith, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at PetSmart. “Our exclusive Mixbook offer for Treats loyalty members further builds on our promise that Treats members get more.”


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