PetSmart Charities Commits $200K Grant to San Francisco SPCA to Support Community Veterinary Clinic

By Pet Age Staff//February 8, 2024//

PetSmart Charities Commits $200K Grant to San Francisco SPCA to Support Community Veterinary Clinic

By: Pet Age Staff//February 8, 2024//

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Press release: SF SPCA

The San Francisco SPCA has been awarded a $200,000 grant to support the organization’s Community Veterinary Clinic, which opened in San Francisco’s Excelsior District in 2022. The grant funding comes from PetSmart Charities’ “Accelerator” program, which is committed to improving access to veterinary care throughout North America.

“We are honored to receive this generous funding from PetSmart Charities,” said SF SPCA chief executive officer, Dr. Jennifer Scarlett. “We launched the Community Veterinary Clinic in the Excelsior District because we knew that is where accessible veterinary services are needed most in our city. PetSmart Charities’ invaluable support will play a critical role in providing access to care for all companion animals and their families.”

With this funding, the SF SPCA has expanded its services at the Community Veterinary Clinic, focusing on veterinarian recruitment, providing care in English, Spanish, and Cantonese/Mandarin and expanding outreach to the communities most in need of these services. Additionally, the grant has helped the Community Veterinary Clinic double its operating hours; now open four days a week, we will serve over 7,500 animals this year.

Low-cost clinics like the Community Veterinary Clinic are a crucial resource that help address California’s access to care crisis, which is due in large part to a dramatic shortage of available veterinarians. Together, the SF SPCA and PetSmart Charities are committed to addressing those challenges. Without regular veterinary care, minor pet health issues often become bigger, costlier problems and preventable diseases can be passed on to other pets. Rising costs, among other barriers, mean that families struggle to access services for their pets such as spay/neuter procedures, vaccinations, and critical medical and preventative care.

Jose and Emily Montiel, a father and daughter who share ownership of two Rottweilers, have brought their dogs to the Community Clinic for veterinary care since it opened. They praised the recent expansion of operation hours at the Community Veterinary Clinic and the addition of the new bilingual veterinarian.

“I am so happy that the Community Veterinary Clinic expanded their hours and that their team provides care in both English and Spanish, said Emily Montiel. “Our pets are part of our family, and having a welcoming place right in our own community to bring them for their care means a lot. They take really good care of our pets here and we will continue to come back. ”

In 2023, PetSmart Charities committed $100 million over the next five years toward improving access to veterinary care. The “Accelerator” low-cost veterinary care grant program is a key part of this effort. These grants support the expansion of veterinary care by funding growth and operations for up to four years for nonprofit clinics looking to expand their services, serve their communities better and inspire other veterinary providers by sharing their experiences.

“Our veterinary system is in crisis,” said Kate Atema, director of community grants and initiatives at PetSmart Charities. “Rising costs are putting standard veterinary care out of reach for as much as 50% of pet-owning families. We need innovative solutions that make veterinary care affordable for the families in every community who want the best for their four-legged companions but struggle to meet the cost of vet care. We’re inspired by the incredible work the SF SPCA is doing to create solutions that will build strong families and a healthy community.”


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