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PetSafe Introduces Sweeper, Dog Winner of One Knoxville SC Mascot Search

Pet Age Staff//July 25, 2023//

PetSafe Introduces Sweeper, Dog Winner of One Knoxville SC Mascot Search

Pet Age Staff //July 25, 2023//

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Press release: PetSafe

For over two decades, PetSafe has saved over 11 million dogs from harm, and it is the brand’s mission to unleash a lifetime of joy for pets and their families. PetSafe takes that mission seriously and is proud to help crown the first, official mascot for One Knoxville SC and create fields of joy for players, pets and families alike.

PetSafe is excited for Sweeper to become the official mascot for One Knox. Fans submitted over 1,000 votes, and the pet brand is happy to have matched the best dog for the best home. Ultimately, PetSafe wants every dog to find their perfect, forever home.

Each dog that was a candidate for mascot has a wonderful story and love to give. If you’re inclined and able, please go to Young Williams Animal Center and inquire about these adorable, adoptable dogs or any one of their other 200 pet residents.

Now, for the next few weeks, Sweeper will work with The Dog Wizard in training to be the best, most enthusiastic, mascot possible and fans can follow along via a six-part content series launching later this summer. While some skills he’ll learn are specific to being a mascot, many are the same as a well-trained family dog would learn like healing while running with the team, shaking hands, coming when called and being patient when needed.

Fans and families can follow along with the series and learn tips and tricks to unleash joy for their family and pets or simply to watch the new adventures of Sweeper as he begins to fulfill his duties.

Since its founding in Knoxville, PetSafe has grown to become a global leader in innovative product solutions for dogs and cats, including pet fences, self-cleaning litter boxes, versatile training tools, interactive toys and so much more. Today, a new PetSafe product is purchased every second. Driven by the belief that nothing is more powerful than the unbreakable bond that pets share with their families, PetSafe is relentlessly committed to providing life-changing products and experiences designed to bring pets and people together for a lifetime of joy.

One Knoxville SC was founded in 2021 to bring professional soccer to Knoxville while using The World’s Game to make a difference here at home. One Knoxville is anchored by its professional men’s soccer team competing in USL League One and playing home games at Regal Soccer Stadium. The brand also operates a 900-player youth soccer club, One Knox Youth Soccer, and a 1,500-player adult rec soccer community, One Knox Adult Rec.

The vision of Young-Williams Animal Center is “a home for every pet.” It is the municipal shelter of the City of Knoxville and Knox County.

Young-Williams Animal Center serves the needs of lost, unwanted, abandoned and neglected animals. The center’s mission is to lead the community to end pet homelessness, promote animal welfare and enhance the human-animal bond through the shelter and placement of animals, spay/neuter initiatives and public education of companion animal issues. Young-Williams Animal Center reminds pet owners to spay and neuter their pets. Young-Williams Animal Center’s main facility is located off Sutherland Avenue at 3201 Division Street. Young-Williams Animal Village satellite adoption location and public spay/neuter program is located at 6400 Kingston Pike.