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PetSafe Announces Harness Replacement Program to Promote Car Safety for Pets

Pet Age Staff//January 10, 2020//

PetSafe Announces Harness Replacement Program to Promote Car Safety for Pets

Pet Age Staff //January 10, 2020//

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Press release: PetSafe

PetSafe brand, a global leader in pet product solutions, is announcing a new harness replacement program to encourage safe, pet-friendly car rides. The PetSafe Car Safety Harness Replacement Program will offer a free replacement for any dog harness involved in a vehicle accident, even harnesses made by other brands.

Just like a child’s car seat, a dog’s car safety harness should be replaced after any accident to ensure safety. If your dog is wearing a harness of any brand during a vehicle accident, PetSafe will replace it with a crash-test certified Happy Ride Safety Harness for free. All pet owners have to do is file a Harness Accident Claim Form along with the incident report number and a photo of the harness involved. The new harness will be shipped within 15 business days once the claim is approved.

“With a name like PetSafe, it’s not surprising that ‘pets’ and ‘safety’ drive everything we do,” says Mandie Sweetnam, travel category manager for PetSafe brand. “With the introduction of the PetSafe Car Safety Harness Replacement Program, we’re able to take our commitment one step further to encourage overall pet safety and well-being.”

While a harness may not display visible damage after an accident, PetSafe recommends replacing the harness regardless to ensure maximum strength is restored in the event of another accident. The PetSafe Happy Ride Safety Harness in sizes small, medium and large was certified through Calspan Corporation’s crash-course testing in June 2018. Testing and certification for the extra-large size is expected in the near future. The product provides peace of mind with its crash-tested ability to secure pets and minimize injuries during accidents or sudden stops. In addition, it improves safety for everyone in the car as it restricts dogs from moving around and distracting the driver.

The PetSafe Happy Ride Safety Harness is fully padded with a breathable mesh liner to keep pets comfortable during travel. Additionally, it easily connects to a wide range of car styles and includes a PetSafe Happy Ride Seat Belt Tether for added support. The separate leash attachment also provides dual functionality, making it ideal for travel.