PetPlate Expands Distribution: Expanding into 700+ PetSmart Stores, Online Retailer Chewy

By Pet Age Staff//March 21, 2024//

PetPlate Expands Distribution: Expanding into 700+ PetSmart Stores, Online Retailer Chewy

By: Pet Age Staff//March 21, 2024//

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PetPlate recently announced it is expanding its nationwide distribution in over 700 PetSmart stores and on the PetSmart website. This strategic growth marks a significant milestone for PetPlate, offering pet parents unparalleled access to nutritious, vet-nutritionist designed food for their beloved companions.

The company has previously expanded its fresh cooked entrées, organic treats and supplements via Chewy and Amazon in 2023.

“Our mission is simple: we make it easy for pet parents to help their dogs live longer, healthier, and happier lives through better nutrition,” said Renaldo Webb, founder and chief executive officer at PetPlate. “I can’t think of a better way to give dogs and pet parents access to PetPlate than teaming up with partners like PetSmart and Chewy to give consumers more options to buy.”

The fresh pet food category is rapidly growing within the $60 billion pet food market. This surge is fueled by the humanization of pets and the demand for fresher and healthier options by Millennial and Gen-Z pet parents, with over 50 percent of pet parents now utilizing toppers or exploring the fresh cooked category. While growth in this category has predominantly been driven by direct-to-consumer subscription services, the PetSmart and PetPlate partnership aims to bring this growth to brick-and-mortar stores.

All of PetPlate’s entrées are made in its Midwestern USDA-approved facility with the support of their veterinary nutritionist Dr. Renee Streeter. Due to PetPlate’s focus on human-grade ingredients, including premium proteins and locally sourced fruits and vegetables, PetPlate’s meals are highly digestible and ideal for dogs, especially those that are picky eaters or struggle with digestive sensitivities.

PetSmart will feature PetPlate’s diverse range of meals, including six options with novel proteins like venison, grain-free alternatives, and ancient grain meals, catering to a variety of nutritional needs.

PetPlate has also redefined the feeding experience with its mess-free, pre-portioned, and resealable cups, available in multiple sizes to accommodate different dog breeds and feeding scenarios, such as full meals or toppers. These innovative packaging solutions prevent overfeeding, ensure freshness, and provide convenience for pet parents.