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Petmate Launches Advanced Online Selling B2B Platform

Glenn Polyn//April 2, 2021//

Petmate Launches Advanced Online Selling B2B Platform

Glenn Polyn //April 2, 2021//

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Press release: Petmate

Petmate, the global leading manufacturer of pet products, announces the launch of its digital, interactive B2B platform, P.A.W.S. Petmate’s Application for Web Sales, or what their sales team now calls it, Petmate Awesome Way to Sell. PAWS effectively showcase product lines, marketing initiatives and operational capabilities.

The platform features multimedia and interactive content as well as a ton of easily accessed support documents.  It is incredibly intuitive to navigate and comprehensive enough to be a one-stop-shop for all selling information. Petmate is raising the bar by investing in a virtual sales tool that highlights Petmate’s deep portfolio of pet product offerings, designed to ultimately enhance the lives of pets and pet parents everywhere.

“Our new P.A.W.S. tool and platform is an excellent solution to stay connected and reinforce our relationships with our important buyers,” said Chris Wilson, EVP of Marketing at Petmate. “Along with the rest of the industry, we’ve had to pivot from relying on in-person meetings and adapt and create new ways of communicating. We’re already seeing the immediate benefits of creating a personalized digital space for our sales team and the customers we work so closely with.”

The new technology will provide Petmate’s customers with a deep dive into the detailed storytelling of each product line, including key industry and consumer insights that will optimize and assist with customer process and decision making. Included within the platform are some of the newest products that were recently launched at the 2021 Global Pet Expo:

  • Chuckit! continues to “Make Fetch Happen” with the new Chuckit! Indoor Super Slider. The Super Slider provides indoor play the perfect way!  Dogs can pounce, chase, push, paw, and even “skitch” the super slider as it stays on the floor for safe, indoor play. The super-strong squeaker excites and entices play. Chuckit! will be celebrating the “Best Dog Party of the Year!” on National Fetch Day, October 16.
  • It’s the year of JW Pet! Petmate introduces new solo play chew toys from the beloved puzzle treat brand that feature dental benefits and innovative ways to get toothpaste onto dogs’ teeth. The Banana Chew-ee highlights “no pinch” pockets that can be filled with toothpaste, raised nubs, recessed areas, and rope to clean while a dog chews.  The Apple Core Chew-ee features a spinning core, like a toothbrush that spins to “sparkl-ee” clean.
  • Petmate’s Top Load Kennel is getting a refresh, with a top door that takes the stress out of placing pets into the kennel, rather than pushed from the front. The Top Load Kennel’s new rounded features make it a great option for cats, small dogs, puppies, rabbits, and other small animals.