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PETEDGE to Sponsor Barkleigh Rescue Round-Up Adoption Grooming Events

Glenn Polyn//January 25, 2023//


PETEDGE to Sponsor Barkleigh Rescue Round-Up Adoption Grooming Events

Glenn Polyn //January 25, 2023//

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Press release: Boss Pet

Boss Pet Products and its PETEDGE division, a leading distributor of professional pet grooming supplies and equipment, is inviting pet industry professionals to join with them in their support of rescue pet adoptions by attending Barkleigh Productions’ Rescue Round-Up events throughout 2023.

“This is a great opportunity for us, as the lead sponsor of Barkleigh’s Rescue Round-Up invitational events, to connect pet rescue with our customer base – professional pet groomers,” said Chris Miller, president of Boss Pet Products, Inc. “Whether pedigreed or mixed breed, pet rescue leading to adoption is a huge need. Pet professionals groom many rescue animals as part of their daily business. With Rescue Round-Up, we get to help bring the top groomers in the industry together with this important cause.”

Barkleigh Productions’ Rescue Round-Up Invitational Events sponsored by PETEDGE in 2023:

  • Groom Expo, West Pasadena, California – February 16-19
  • Northwest Grooming, Tacoma, Washington – March 16-19
  • PetQuest, Wilmington, Ohio – June 22-25
  • All American Grooming, Schaumburg, Illinois – August 10-13
  • Groom Expo, Hershey, Pennsylvania – September 7-10

“Rescue Round-Up is special for Barkleigh and allows us to bring awareness of the need for pet rescue across the country,” said Todd Shelly, president of Barkleigh Productions, “We are pleased to have PETEDGE partner with us to bring these important events to our shows.”