PetDine Secures 2nd Colorado Facility, Supports Pet Supplement Growth

Glenn Polyn//February 28, 2023//

PetDine Secures 2nd Colorado Facility, Supports Pet Supplement Growth

Glenn Polyn //February 28, 2023//

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Press release: PetDine

PetDine, one of the largest pet supplement and treat manufacturers in North America, has acquired a second Windsor, Colorado, facility to provide faster, more efficient support for its clients’ rapid growth. The new $11.7 million facility, located adjacent to PetDine’s recently opened 105,000-square-foot Windsor facility, will add 50,000 square feet of pre- and post-production supply space to support the functional business segment and provide up to 20 new jobs at varying levels to the Northern Colorado area.

PetDine’s contract-manufacturing portfolio continues to expand to now include facilities in Fort Collins, CO, a recently expanded state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Harvard, Illinois, and the two latest Windsor, Colorado, facilities, yielding over 375,000 square feet of manufacturing space for its clients’ products.

“PetDine’s top priority is supporting the growth and success of our clients in providing the best products for pets,” said Amy McCarthy, PetDine VP of pet nutrition. “In the last year, we have significantly increased our production capacity while pursuing cutting-edge manufacturing practices to exceed client expectations and keep them at the top of their craft.”

All products produced at the new Windsor facility will be held to the highest food safety and quality standards. PetDine sources more than 300 high-quality ingredients so all pet food, supplement and treat formulations are unique to each client. PetDine’s leading customized pet products consist of liquid and powder supplements, soft chews, baked treats, kibble and more.

ADM acquired a 75 percent ownership stake in PetDine in September 2021, and the new Windsor production expansion is overseen by Todd Davis, PetDine Operations Director for ADM’s pet nutrition business.

“Having additional infrastructure to support the current Windsor manufacturing plant will be highly beneficial for PetDine clients,” said Davis. “We’re excited to equip our teams with more space to bring greater efficiencies to our current, industry-leading manufacturing processes in Windsor, further enabling PetDine to help clients grow their innovative product lines and accelerate their time to market.”