PetDine Commits to Upcycled Pet Food Movement with UFA Partnership

Julia Rivera//September 2, 2021//

PetDine Commits to Upcycled Pet Food Movement with UFA Partnership

Julia Rivera //September 2, 2021//

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Press release: PetDine

PetDine, a leading manufacturer of private-label pet products, has furthered its commitment to a healthier future for pets, people and the planet by helping client brands achieve upcycled food certification through Upcycle Food Association (UFA). UFA is a nonprofit focused on preventing food waste by growing the upcycled food economy. Through PetDine’s pet industry leadership and membership with UFA, the company can help clients navigate the process of earning upcycled certification for their pet products and contribute to a more sustainable pet food system.

“PetDine foresees the importance and demand for upcycled products outpacing other categories, such as organic and natural, because the use of upcycled ingredients has an immediate positive impact on the world’s food system,” said Preston Munsch, PetDine CEO. “Upcycled foods are value-added products that consumers want. PetDine is equipped to help clients achieve upcycled certification, which provides them even greater pet product development opportunities for a consumer base calling for brands to be more sustainably responsible.”

PetDine’s UFA partnership is a major tactical step in accomplishing goals outlined in the company’s recently released sustainability statement, which states: “Everything we do is for the health of pets. That is why we are committed to protecting the planet we share by increasing our efforts toward a sustainable future. Through innovation, engineering and consultation, we are advancing sustainability operationally and teaming up with our clients to multiply global impact. We have an opportunity to make a change, and it is our responsibility to reduce our ‘pawprint’ continuously.”

As defined by UFA, upcycled foods use ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains and have a positive impact on the environment. UFA has set the standard for a program that verifies the upcycled certification process. UFA certification compliance has become one of the key requirements for upcycled products getting onto store shelves.

“UFA has estimated that 30 percent of food grown each year goes to waste, which is around 62.5 million tons,” said Amelia Den Boer, PetDine’s sustainability manager. “More consumers are pushing towards a sustainable food system and are willing to spend extra on sustainable pet products, with at least 57 percent of consumers actively looking to purchase more upcycled food. This partnership is about doing more with less and creating high quality, nutritious pet supplements out of the nutrients that often slip through the cracks of our food system.”

Reducing food waste is considered the single greatest solution to climate change. Globally, we lose around $1 trillion per year on food that is wasted or lost. Upcycled food captures that value and leverages it to create a sustainable and resilient food system. UFA is building a food system in which all food is elevated to its highest and best use. By working with UFA, PetDine is helping to prevent food waste and empower millions of consumers to prevent climate change with the products they buy.

PetDine is a private-label manufacturer that helps entrepreneurs capitalize on opportunities through the development of custom functional pet products. From sourcing the finest ingredients to utilizing the highest quality standards, the company focuses on keeping pets happy and healthy. Its private-label pet products span soft chews, liquid food toppers, powders and natural animal chews. PetDine works with clients to customize products while meeting their requirements for price, positioning and safety


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