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PetDine Opens New Colorado Facility, Increases Soft Chew Capacity

Julia Rivera//December 14, 2022//

PetDine Opens New Colorado Facility, Increases Soft Chew Capacity

Julia Rivera //December 14, 2022//

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Press release: PetDine

PetDine, one of North America’s most prominent pet supplement and treat manufacturers, officially opened its new cold extrusion manufacturing plant in Windsor, Colorado. The 105,000-square-foot facility triples PetDine’s soft chew capacity while supporting expanded liquid line capabilities and a standalone powder line to support the growing $1.9 billion global pet supplement market.

“PetDine’s capacity expansion creates significant opportunities,” said Elizabeth Barth, vice president, PetDine. “Our top priority is supporting the success of our clients by providing the most innovative and highest-quality products for pets.”

PetDine’s capabilities now include over 375,000 square feet of manufacturing space at a recently expanded state-of-the-art production facility in Harvard, Illinois; facilities in Fort Collins, Colorado; and the new facility in Windsor, Colorado.

Through its consultative approach, PetDine offers a complete range of highly customized pet treat and supplement products to more than 15 countries. Solutions include baked treats, semi-moist treats, long goods, blends, soft chews, liquids and powders – many of which meet the industry demand for clean labels.

In September 2021, ADM acquired a 75 percent ownership stake in PetDine. “Our continued investment in new production facilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technologies are intended to help support our customers, while improving the lives of pets,” said Jorge Martinez Carrillo, president of ADM Pet Nutrition. “Our ambition is to be a leader in pet nutrition.”

PetDine is a contract manufacturer that helps clients capitalize on opportunities by developing custom pet treats, supplements and foods to keep pets happy and healthy.