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PetDine Commits to Living Wage Standard for All Full-Time Employees

Glenn Polyn//May 14, 2021//

PetDine Commits to Living Wage Standard for All Full-Time Employees

Glenn Polyn //May 14, 2021//

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Press release: PetDine

PetDine, a leading manufacturer of private-label pet products, is raising the bar for its workforce by committing to a living wage standard for all full-time employees. In most cases, a living wage is nearly double the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hour and takes into account local costs of food, housing, medical care, transportation and other variables to ensure workers earn enough to support themselves, based on full-time work of 2080 hours/year. Currently, many states’ minimum wages are higher than the federal minimum wage, with Colorado’s among the highest at $12.32/hour and $15.93 in some counties, but those wages still do not meet the cost of living.

PetDine believes paying a living wage results in increased worker morale, worker health, increased efficiency and productivity, and improved quality of service. Offering a living wage also lowers turnover rates, which saves the company money. The PetDine living wage standard means the company is able to attract and hire a higher level of talented, skilled workers.

“Across the country, millions of Americans are unemployed or underemployed and a healthy paycheck is critical in breaking the cycle of poverty,” said Preston Munsch, PetDine CEO. “PetDine is a place where employees can grow and progress in their professional skills and we are committed to providing employees a sustainable remuneration package that truly reflects what it takes for them to thrive where they live.”

Employing with a living wage standard is another step in PetDine’s efforts to be on the cutting edge of pet supplement manufacturing with a best-possible skilled workforce, thus delivering greater results for clients.

“Offering employees a living wage is another example of PetDine’s forward-thinking initiatives,” said Denis Rice, PetDine CFO. “Research suggests most people want to work for a company whose values are consistent with their own, and workers today believe in the power of responsible business practice to improve profitability. PetDine wants the best for its clients, which means hiring the best employees and treating them right.”