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Petcurean Donates 194,000 Meals to Canadian Pet Rescue Groups, Food Banks Facing Food Shortages

By Pet Age Staff//April 19, 2024//

Petcurean Donates 194,000 Meals to Canadian Pet Rescue Groups, Food Banks Facing Food Shortages

By: Pet Age Staff//April 19, 2024//

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Petcurean, the award-winning manufacturer of premium pet food brands Go! Solutions, Now Fresh, Gather and Summit, recently announced the donation of 194,250 meals of premium quality pet food to rescue groups and pet food banks in Manitoba in response to the animal overpopulation crisis that the province is facing. On April 16, 34 pallets of pet food, representing the largest donation Petcurean has made in Manitoba, were delivered to the Animal Food Bank in Winnipeg, where they will be sorted and distributed to rescue groups and shelters across the province. The donation includes a mix of Petcurean’s premium recipes, dry and wet food, from Go! Solutions and Now Fresh.

In early March, 45 animal welfare organizations signed and released a statement declaring a state of emergency regarding the animal overpopulation in Manitoba, highlighting how it has become a public health emergency. The statement noted increased dog attacks and risks of rabies, citing a lack of resources, food insecurity and limited access to veterinary care as the root causes of the overpopulation crisis. It called for more funding and government support to create sustainable solutions to keep people safe and animals free from suffering, including funds for spay and neuter programs and an action plan to restrict puppy mills and backyard breeding.

“At Petcurean, we take our responsibility to support the communities we serve seriously. We were saddened to learn about the overpopulation animal crisis in Manitoba – and how it is impacting public health. In times of crisis, it takes a village – and we are deeply motivated to do our part and support pet rescues and shelters throughout the province with pet food donations,” said Christine Mallier, Petcurean’s sustainability and community relations manager. “Sustainable solutions come from partnerships, collaborations, and people working together to share the load. We encourage others to help in any way they can, through fostering, adoption, volunteering, donation or advocacy, to collectively protect public health and support animals in need.”

Nicole Frey, founder of the Animal Food Bank, added, “Petcurean’s commitment to giving back to the community and pets-in-need has made an impactful difference for dogs and cats in Manitoba. Their support is felt in urban centres through our pet food bank initiatives, helping us prevent 64 percent of pet owners from having to surrender their pets due to a lack of food, and also by several of our pet food bank clients as they don’t have to choose who eats tonight. We are honoured to work with them to distribute this incredible donation to many rescues, organizations and communities across Manitoba.”

Petcurean is dedicated to providing year-round support to the communities they serve both locally and around the world, including through donations and partnerships with organizations who share Petcurean’s commitment to pet health. Over the last 25 years, Petcurean has donated more than 6.6 million meals of premium-quality dog and cat food, supporting over 2,500 rescues, shelters and community groups across Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.