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Pet Supermarket Stores Now Carrying Happy Habitats Halo Small Pet Carrier

Pet Age Staff//August 8, 2023//

Pet Supermarket Stores Now Carrying Happy Habitats Halo Small Pet Carrier

Pet Age Staff //August 8, 2023//

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Press release: Happy Habitats

Happy Habitats, an up-and-coming pioneer of creating innovative small pet products, recently announced the launch of its revolutionary hamster product, the Halo, now available at Pet Supermarket. This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for Happy Habitats, as they offer small pet owners an unparalleled hamster care experience.

The Halo redefines the way pet owners interact with their small pets. With its unique design and thoughtful features, the Halo offers a premium approach to hamster well-being, prioritizing their comfort, mental stimulation and overall happiness.

Key Features of the Halo Small Pet Carrier:

1. Patented paw protection technology: a surplus of 2mm ventilation holes on the exercise ball provide adequate ventilation for your small pet while also preventing the possibility of the pets’ paw becoming entrapped in the openings, which can lead to injury.

2. Two Step-Locking Mechanism: The lid of the exercise ball has a two-step locking mechanism that ensures your pet is safely fastened inside. Our competitors balls are made of plastic that warps over time; this allows for the lid to pop off while in use. The Halo’s two step-locking mechanism ensures your pet will never escape or fall out.

3. The ball is screwed shut: The exercise ball is screwed shut; it’s built to last for active pets. Competitor exercise balls are held together with fishhook prongs and need to be replaced each year due to wear and tear.

4. Portable carrier: The Halo carrier connects to the exercise ball allowing you to carry your small pet while they have a free range of movement. This lets you take your hamster with you on a walk analogous to a dog walk.

5. Detachable Kickout stands: The Halo has detachable kickout stands that allow it to stand on its own when placed on the ground. This enables your small pet to run with you while you are stationary.

Ethan Haber, CEO of Happy Habitats, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration and stated, “We are delighted to partner with Pet Supermarket, a leader in the pet supply industry. Together, we aim to elevate small pet care with the Halo, offering pet owners an innovative and enriching carrier that promotes the well-being of their furry friends.”