Pet Promo Pack Offers Retailers, Manufacturers New Sampling Opportunity

By Pet Age Staff//March 13, 2024//

Pet Promo Pack Offers Retailers, Manufacturers New Sampling Opportunity

By: Pet Age Staff//March 13, 2024//

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Pet Promo Pack has announced the launch of its new pet product retail sample box. This box connects pet retailers with a curated selection of top pet brands, providing them access to emerging brands not typically available through their current distributors.

It also offers pet brands the chance to reach and sell directly to hundreds of pet retailers nationwide. The Pet Promo Pack is distributed directly to 100 independent pet stores every other month. This distribution model facilitates brand awareness and enables a wide array of retailers to carry unique brands.

“We believe the Pet Promo Pack will be a game-changer for brand retailers,” said Tanya Hart, founder of Augie Bones. “For retailers, it’s all about offering something unique and innovative to their customers. Being included in the Pet Promo Pack opens doors for retailers to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and build lasting relationships with their customers.”

Multiple companies, including Pet Eyez, Chewmate and Healers PetCare, among others, have found success participating in the Pet Promo Pack. The upcoming shipment for Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas has closed, with the next shipment scheduled for April 15 to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona. Companies must sign up and submit their samples by April 1 to be included in this shipment.