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Pet Product Packaging Getting Festive for the Holiday Season

Pet Age Staff//December 4, 2015//

Pet Product Packaging Getting Festive for the Holiday Season

Pet Age Staff //December 4, 2015//

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Surveys consistently show that pets are considered part of families, and this means that many pet product marketers are adding to the Christmas spirit by providing an array of toys and treats in the red and green colors of Christmas. Many of these products are only available during the holiday season.

According to a Packaged Facts report, many marketers use the same packaging for their Christmas products as their usual products, simply changing the labels and graphics to add a festive touch. However, others go much further, developing entirely new packaging to evoke extra Christmas cheer and create some unique packaging in the process.

The Christmas stocking is one of the most commonly used packaging shapes for Christmas products, and Christmas pet products are no exception. Marketers such as pet product distributor PetEdge and online pet product retailers such as Entirely Pets and Drs. Foster & Smith are selling stocking-shaped packages of toys and treats for both cats and dogs.

Armitage Pet Care, the largest independent manufacturer and distributor of branded pet accessories in the UK, has an entire Christmas catalog of pet toys and accessories, including mesh and plastic stockings filled with toys and treats for cats and dogs, Christmas Crackers for dogs, and Christmas-themed packaging for many other products.

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