Pet Pill Stasher PillStashios Expands Production

Pet Age Staff//December 7, 2017//

Pet Pill Stasher PillStashios Expands Production

Pet Age Staff //December 7, 2017//

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Minnesota-based company PillStashios; an edible container for administering capsules, powders and liquids to canines; is expanding production to match the growing demand of its six product offerings.

PillStashios are made in America and are designed to conceal scents with its patented Smell Lock technology. The hollow, edible container boasts a simple snap lid that locks in medicines, vitamins and other supplements while offering a woof-worthy flavor profile for the pup. With just three simple steps—stash, snap and serve—it’s never been easier to hide pills for dogs. Plus, the edible containers contain all-natural, gluten-free, soy-free and grain-free ingredients and are packed with protein, fat, fiber and moisture, making it a healthy wellness “treat” for pups.

As production grows for PillStashios, so does its retailer footprint, with the treats already hitting several regions across the U.S. and Canada.

“Being lifelong pup owners, we were constantly on the hunt for healthy food, treats and supplements to keep our dogs in top shape,” said Mike Smith, president of PillStashios. “When we couldn’t find a quality pill stasher on the market, we created our own pet product line modeled after the same high standards we’ve come to expect from other family products. And now, we’re thrilled to be delivering these high-quality products to consumers around the world.”


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