Zymox Reptile Product Awarded Best in Show at Global Pet Expo

Julia Rivera//April 5, 2023//

Zylafen Enzymatic Solutions for Reptiles from the maker of ZYMOX

Zymox Reptile Product Awarded Best in Show at Global Pet Expo

Julia Rivera //April 5, 2023//

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Press release: Pet King Brands

Pet King Brands, Inc., the industry leader in enzyme-based pet healthcare brands ZYMOX Enzymatic Ear and Skin and Oratene Brushless Oral Care is honored to have its new Zylafen skin topical products for reptiles named Best in Show at the 2023 Global Pet Expo, an educational tradeshow for pet specialty retailers held in Orlando, Florida. 

Zylafen Topical Spray and Zylafen Topical Solution support healthy, complete shedding; and relieve irritated skin, cuts and abrasions in lizards, snakes, turtles and other reptiles. The products utilize the LP3 Enzyme System which is a proprietary combination of enzymes that are soothing, non-toxic and do not contain antibiotics or corticosteroids. 

“Just like dogs and cats, reptiles also have skin issues and Zylafen answers those needs with the use of enzymes, not antibiotics,” said Pamela K. Bosco, president and founder of Pet King Brands. “Our enzyme formula provides a broad spectrum of skin care support and are honored that the panel of international and domestic industry peers chose Zylafen as number one at Global Pet Expo!” 

Since the company’s inception twenty-five years ago, there has been mounting concern over the use of antibiotics due to the potential side effects and threat of antibiotic resistance. The popularity for the veterinarian-recommended ZYMOX and Oratene products has gained great momentum for their effectiveness in helping small animals and livestock to achieve healthy ears, skin, and mouths without antibiotics or harsh ingredients.  

To meet the market demand for antibiotic-free solutions for pet care, during 2022 the product family was expanded to include new solutions for cats and kittens, and horses and livestock. The line continues to grow and now includes Zylafen for reptiles, ZYMOX Avian Care for All Birds, and ZYMOX for Small Animal & Exotic care. 


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