Pet King Brands Announces ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes for Dogs, Cats

By Pet Age Staff//February 27, 2024//

Pet King Brands Announces ZYMOX Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes for Dogs, Cats

By: Pet Age Staff//February 27, 2024//

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Press release: ZYMOX

Pet King Brands, the pioneering leader of veterinarian-recommended enzymatic pet health brands ZYMOX Dermatology and Oratene Brushless Oral Care, recently announced the addition of Advanced Enzymatic Ear Wipes to the brand’s line of ear care products for dogs and cats.

This new product features the renowned ZYMOX LP3 Enzyme System, an effective yet gentle antibiotic alternative that is non-reactive and non-toxic. Unlike antibiotics, antimicrobial enzymes selectively target single-celled organisms, preventing disturbance to the normal flora. The LP3 Enzyme System is so effective that it need only be applied once daily and does not require pre-cleaning.

“Our mission and heart lie in animal advocacy, so we are very excited to announce another non-toxic preventative care product,” said Debra Decker, Pet King Brands director of marketing. “These Ear Wipes further our strides in the effort of increasing quality of life for our furry best friends.”

Each jar contains 100 premium strength textured wipes that naturally cleanse dirty, waxy ears to calm and soothe irritation, alleviate temporary redness and reduce ear odor.

Textured wipes meet soothing aloe vera to increase pet parent grip ability and alleviate discomfort by calming and moisturizing the skin.

Easily store the fragrance free, dye free and alcohol-free wipes in the jar for convenience with daily use.