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Pet Industry Veteran Wurtzel Joins D.GS Team as VP of Global Sales

Glenn Polyn//February 16, 2022//

Pet Industry Veteran Wurtzel Joins D.GS Team as VP of Global Sales

Glenn Polyn //February 16, 2022//

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Press release: Dog Gone Smart

D.GS (Dog Gone Smart), an industry leader in advance SMART technology to solve the common pet problems, is pleased to announce that Matt Wurtzel has joined D.GS to lead the sales team as senior vice president of global sales.

Wurtzel has been a pet industry professional for over 20 years. His innovative approach to sales, marketing, merchandising and distribution is designed to bring rapid growth to customers while always looking for ways to better service them.

Considering the current challenges of supply chains, Wurtzel has the knowledge to help ensure that retailer shelves remain full and customers get the best experience when buying D.GS products.

At Dog Gone Smart Pet Products, the focus is on developing high quality products that make pet parenting easier. Chris Onthank, a canine expert and animal behaviorist, founded the company in 2006 with the desire to provide the pet industry with innovative and technically superior products that help alleviate the stress associated with pet parenting.

The company is committed to finding clever and creative solutions to pet owner’s most common challenges: keeping the house clean and odor free, bathing, grooming, dog-walking and helping pets stay warm and dry. The ultimate mission for D.GS is solving pet owner’s most common problems by applying smart and cutting-edge technologies and designs to our products.

“We all here, at Dog Gone Smart, are very excited to have Matt joining our team,” said Onthank. “We feel he will be a great asset to help us in the next phase of our development as we continue our growth.”