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Pet Industry Leaders Face Call to Action

Pet Age Staff//May 19, 2020//

Pet Industry Leaders Face Call to Action

Pet Age Staff //May 19, 2020//

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Press release: Emergent The Healthy Living Agency

Despite the pandemic impact on businesses, pet food remains on a trajectory to finish the year ahead of 2019. That said, there will be winners and losers in the battle to come. Retailers and pet parents will remember those brands that were there for them, that communicated to build trust, supported them and remained present—and those which didn’t.

When it comes to consumers—and for retailers, as well—out of sight is out of mind and some brands have gone underground in the last two months, creating an open invitation for more progressive players to step in and take share. As manufacturers plan for what lies ahead, Emergent contacted Pet Age and other experts the industry relies on for guidance. 

Here’s a glimpse of what Pet Age had to say on a variety of topics:

What’s your best take on the state of the industry’s health and what do you foresee happening in the next six months?

Pet brands are in a good place, all things considered. Any who may be under duress were probably struggling before the pandemic happened. Those who were already more impacted by a DCM (grain-free) slow-down may be experiencing added pressures.”

What is your best advice to pet food companies working to optimize their plans and navigate current market uncertainty? 

Communication is vital. CEOs need to ensure the brand message is getting across to both pet owners and to retailers. On the one hand, you want to help consumers realize their pet lifestyle goals to keep pets happy and healthy, and perhaps share their stories on social media channels. Not to be overlooked, now is also the time to create well-written, engaging, interesting stories that help retailers and distributors understand how the company values (and understands) their efforts, and how their concerns and needs are being supported.”

For the full Emergent report, visit the agency here.