Pet Grooming Visionary Bobbi Panter Returns to Pet Care Brand She Founded

By Pet Age Staff//March 4, 2024//

Pet Grooming Visionary Bobbi Panter Returns to Pet Care Brand She Founded

By: Pet Age Staff//March 4, 2024//

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Nilodor Pet Brands, an expert in odor eliminating and cleaning solutions in multiple markets and contract manufacturer to numerous powerhouse brands in the pet shampoo and pet odor elimination market, recently announced that Bobbi Panter, creator of her namesake line of pet shampoos, is rejoining the company, effective immediately.

Panter became a legend in the pet-product market when she formulated her very own, high-quality, specialized pet shampoos. She started by mixing ingredients in her kitchen to help her own pet, who had developed sensitive skin and damaged fur as a result of prescribed steroids. Finding success, she was ready to take her homemade blends to market to help other dogs. Panter contracted with Nilodor Pet Brands. Nilodor produced her custom creations according to her exact specifications. Eventually, Nilodor Pet bought the Bobbi Panter brand and still manufactures the products today.

“We’re pleased to have Bobbi back. We welcome her expertise, guidance and personality to the brand that bears her name,” said Derek Nielsen, VP of sales for Nilodor Pet Brands. “I know everyone in the pet care industry can’t wait to see and speak to her at upcoming trade shows and events. She’s a proven visionary, and her uncanny ability to anticipate pet lovers’ needs will help redefine the pet product category.”

The pet care products that Panter developed were a departure from harsh chemicals, fillers and an overreliance on fragrances that mask odors and leave fur dull and skin dry. To help her dog, Bobo, she set out on a mission to develop shampoos that were high in essential oils, solved problems, and left skin and fur looking and smelling great. She was determined to make products similar to those she would use herself. She first removed the sodium chloride used as a thickener in pet shampoos. Instead, she used nourishing, moisturizing ingredients and essential oils that could penetrate and clean without leaving a salt residue. The shampoos and conditioners under the Bobbi Panter name quickly gained a foothold with professional groomers and pet owners. Bobbi became a trusted name in the pet industry because her products were made out of love for her own dog — and because they worked.

Panter has remained active in the pet industry and on social media, offering fans a peek into her life and the lives of her dogs, Bebe and Cece, who were celebrities in their own right, and now the new generation, Little B and Charlee. She has been very active with philanthropic organizations such as Canine Companions, Pup Culture Rescue, PAWS Chicago and The Service Club of Chicago.

“Pets and pet care have always been a huge part of my life and my passion,” said Panter. “This partnership with Nilodor Pet and coming back to the brand I created and that we grew together is a homecoming. It feels right. I’m excited and look forward to what we can create together and for what the future holds.”

That future includes promoting and enhancing the existing lines of Bobbi Panter Botanical and Bobbi Panter Professional – as well as collaborating on new product development.

“The sky’s the limit, and I’m happy to be back,” said Panter