Pet Food Express Kitten Season Campaign Assists Rescues, Shelters

Glenn Polyn//March 27, 2023//

Pet Food Express Kitten Season Campaign Assists Rescues, Shelters

Glenn Polyn //March 27, 2023//

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Press release: Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express, a trusted resource for rescues and shelters, invites animal-loving Californians to join its Rescue Reserves – a database of foster families – ahead of kitten season for when the need for fosters is high and the strain on rescues and shelters is months long. Expanding the Rescue Reserves will ensure there are enough trustworthy foster homes to meet the incoming boom of kittens.

Pet Food Express’ robust online registration system catalogs potential fosters, reducing a time-intensive step in the process for the organizations. Once a person or family signs up, their information is made available to the network of over 120 rescue and shelter partners through the Rescue Reserves program. Specific foster home needs vary by organization, time of year, and other circumstances, so the animal-welfare organizations search the database and contact the appropriate foster home when they need the help.

“We’ve been told over and over again by our rescue partners that the No. 1 thing they need is more volunteers and foster homes, but the process to sign up to foster or volunteer can be confusing and time-consuming for all involved,” said Megan Kniepkamp, community manager for Pet Food Express. “We’re using our platform to make the process simple for both sides; to give customers one place to “apply” for multiple organizations in their area; and to give rescues and shelters an easy one-stop-shop for qualified foster homes near them.”

Fostering is an invaluable part of the rescue process. Every pet in a foster home means that two lives are saved: the pet in the foster home and the pet who takes their place in the shelter. And, especially for pets who have certain medical needs, who have been abused, or who just need a little extra love and attention, a foster family can mean the difference between going on to a happy lifelong home through adoption or struggling to come out of their shell and being seen as unadoptable. In most cases, fostering doesn’t cost the foster home anything other than time and attention; the rescue partners pay for supplies and medical care, and just ask for open homes and hearts to these lovable pets in need.

Starting April 3, Pet Food Express will launch its annual month-long Kitten Season awareness campaign dedicated to easing the influx of in-need kittens and the related surge in demand for help from the 100+ participating rescues and shelters. The campaign focuses on three impactful ways to affect the 1,000’s of kittens throughout the state in need of a new furever home: adopt, foster and give.

  1. Adopt! Open your home to a kitten or cat. Pet Food Express will help you find a rescue or shelter in your neighborhood. Plus, we’ll provide suggestions on the best food and care products to give your new furry friend a longer, healthier life.
  2. Foster. Not ready for long-term commitment? You can provide a loving, temporary home to a kitten in need while the shelter matches them with their forever home.
  3. Give. 100 percent of your financial contribution goes to purchase supplies like food, litter, and toys for local rescues and shelters to continue their amazing work of robust foster, adopt and spay/neuter programs.

In 2022, Pet Food Express Kitten Season campaign collected and gifted over $235,000 in product donations to participating local rescues and shelters.

Additionally, Pet Food Express provides free resources and actionable “How to Foster” guidance for kitten fosters on its blog, The Pet Owner’s Handbook.

To participate in the Kitten Season campaign starting April 3, click here or visit any of Pet Food Express store.


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