Pet Connections Expo to Hold Discussion on CBD

Pet Age Staff//July 30, 2018//

Pet Connections Expo to Hold Discussion on CBD

Pet Age Staff //July 30, 2018//

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Hemp and CBD products for pets is a hot topic in the pet industry today. There will be an interactive panel discussion on this topic at Pet Connections Expo, which is on Wednesday, October 3, in Oaks, Pennsylvania. The panel of experts will include Hunter Buffington, the executive director of Colorado Hemp Industries Association; Bill Bookout, founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council; and Greg Tilford, CEO of Animal Essentials. They will explore the topic and encourage audience members’ participation on the question “Is the Opportunity Real or Risky?”

The cannabis movement has grown dramatically across the United States, and hemp is now available for both human and pet consumption. This panel will explore the past, present and potential future legal issues surrounding the use of hemp and CBD in animal feeds and as health products. The discussion will include a forecast of the future of hemp in the animal retail industry and the development of a feed additive petition to be submitted to the FDA-CVM.  Independent retailers will learn about the potential industrial hemp has to influence the pet industry and what this means for the hemp products already on your shelves.

“The only time I have seen anything similar in terms of excitement for hemp and CBD products is when the first soft chew delivery products were introduced in the mid-2000s. However, with all the excitement, the potential regulatory and legal issues surrounding these products create both uncertainty and also business risk,” Bookout said. “This panel will try and give stakeholders accurate information in a very dynamic and fluid environment so people can make informed business decisions while acting responsibly for the health of the animals we love.”

It is Pet Connection Expo organizers’ hope that independent retailers who attend the expo will walk away understanding what industrial hemp is as well as the legal ramifications of CBD and that they learn what products are made from industrial hemp and discover how these products are made, who regulates their production and how to find quality products you can trust.

“Industrial hemp in animal feed and products benefits not only the animals; but also, owners, retailers and ultimately farmers,” Buffington said. “As an industry that only begun three years ago in Colorado and is now an exploding market across the US, we need to develop partnerships with producers, regulators and retailers to manage the true potential of hemp. I look forward to meeting them at Pet Connections Expo.”Greg TilfordHunter

“As the producers of Pet Connections Expo, we strive to provide the most up to date information and education on pet industry trends, with the ultimate goal of empowering retailers to succeed.  We are pleased to add this exciting panel to our program,” Pet Connections Show Director Bill Doherty said.

This session is scheduled for 11 a.m. All conference sessions are free to qualified pet retailers.