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Pet CBD+CBDA Brand ElleVet Sciences Expands into Europe

Glenn Polyn//February 15, 2023//

Pet CBD+CBDA Brand ElleVet Sciences Expands into Europe

Glenn Polyn //February 15, 2023//

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Press release: ElleVet Sciences

ElleVet Sciences recently announced that it is expanding its global reach with its new European Headquarters in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The only scientifically proven-to-work pet CBD+CBDA brand is currently launching its initial international rollout in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and France from ElleVet Sciences’ European Headquarters.

“Being the leader in CBD+CBDA cannabinoids for pets in the USA, it is a natural next step for us to continue our growth by not only supporting the U.S. market but also by offering our products to veterinarians and pet owners in several European countries,” said ElleVet Sciences CEO Christian Kjaer.

“We have a dedicated team in Europe who are ready to offer the same high-quality customer service that ElleVet Sciences is known for in the U.S.A.,” he added. “To be successful in Europe, we must localize our products and services, which means having a team of native-speaking customer service staff and providing our scientifically backed products in the marketplace.”

ElleVet Sciences is a leading science-focused pet CBD+CBDA company based in Portland, Maine. It is the first and only company to conduct clinical trials with proven results using its cannabinoid and terpene oil blend.