Pet Advocacy Network Invites Pet Care Community to D.C. Fly-In

Glenn Polyn//July 7, 2022//

Pet Advocacy Network Invites Pet Care Community to D.C. Fly-In

Glenn Polyn //July 7, 2022//

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Press release: Pet Advocacy Network

The Pet Advocacy Network invites the responsible pet care community to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill at the Fifth Annual Pet Care Community D.C. Fly-In on September 21. The event brings together people involved in pet care with their elected officials during a day of scheduled meetings to talk about issues related to pets, pet care and the human-animal bond.

“While the fly-in was highly successful when held completely virtual the past two years due to the pandemic, we are thrilled that we can expect to once again host these meetings in person on Capitol Hill this fall,” said Mike Bober, president and CEO of the Pet Advocacy Network. “Constituents can have a significant influence on their elected officials by sharing first-hand accounts of how legislation at all levels of government affects them.” 

Fly-in participants will: 

  • Share their personal stories and express concerns to government representatives on pet-related issues 
  • Connect with lawmakers and their staff to build relationships so they can more readily weigh in when potentially positive, or harmful, future legislative issues arise   
  • Network and collaborate with like-minded pet professionals on business and advocacy challenges and opportunities   

The meetings with lawmakers will be scheduled in advance by the Pet Advocacy Network. Participants will be given talking points on a variety of pet-related topics including the impact of shipping delays and restrictions, pet food products and their production process, the advantages and future of integrating animals into educational settings and more.  

Prior to the event, participants will be able to learn the most up-to-date findings and studies on pet welfare to ensure they have all the tools needed to effectively advocate for the day. Additionally, the Pet Advocacy Network and our allies will honor Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) for his years of service as one of the only veterinarians to ever serve in Congress. 

During last year’s fly-in, more than 60 people conducted nearly 100 virtual meetings with members of Congress and their staff throughout the day. Participants represented a wide cross-section of the pet care community, including retail company owners, product suppliers, animal caregivers, veterinarians, and leaders of pet trade groups.  This year, we anticipate more attendees as we once again return to Capitol Hill and face-to-face meetings.


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