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Pacific Bag Expands its Block Bottom Bags Line

January 11, 2018

Pacific Bag, Inc. (PBi) expanded one of its most popular lines of packaging: Block Bottom Bags (BBB). PBi is expanding the line with six new stock bags. These bags will be offered in single-case quantities and shipping within 24-48 hours.

This structure is new to the company’s Block Bottom Bag line. The bags are made of a lightweight two-ply polyester/polyethylene film structure that is perfect for a variety of products like pet food, specialty food and natural product items.

Bags are available in 8-ounce and 12-16-ounce sizes and three color options: clear, matte black and matte white.

“The matte bags are perfect for a simplified look and can be more visually appealing than glossy bags,” the company said in a press release. “In a well-lit grocery store, the glossy bags tend to be reflective and can distract the consumer from your logo and branding. They create a toned-down billboard that directs a customer’s eye to your label or hot stamp and adds a tactile appeal to the finished product. If you would like to show off your product, we recommend the clear bags. Transparent packaging is the perfect way to display the quality of what’s inside and is valuable for the consumer making a buying decision. Transparent packaging can also help to build your brand equity and support the claims you make on your label and nutritional information.”

Another feature is the pocket zipper. The pocket zipper offers the convenience of a zipper with the benefit of easy filling. Installed on the front of the package, the tear/pull tab is a cutout tab that can be easily accessed and opened and reclosed by the end user. Since the zipper installed on the front panel, the package is able to fully open for ease of filling during production.

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