One Farm Introduces Ziggy Marley’s Apawthecary Agility Powder

Glenn Polyn//June 30, 2022//

One Farm Introduces Ziggy Marley’s Apawthecary Agility Powder

Glenn Polyn //June 30, 2022//

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Press release: Ziggy Marley’s Apawthecary

One Farm by WAAYB has launched a new pet food topper supplement by Ziggy Marley’s Apawthecary. Romeo’s Agility Powder is designed to prolong a dog’s agility, reduce inflammation and to support its overall health and wellness. Available with 175 mg organic hemp extract or without, Romeo’s Agility Powder is designed to help reduce inflammation in the joints. The powder can be sprinkled atop any food, or even rehydrated and added to food for a bonus moisture-added treat.

“Romeo’s Agility Powder addresses certain health issues for dogs,” explained Tracy Werner, sales manager for Ziggy Marley’s Apawthecary. “It’s organic beef-bone-broth-based, with sweet potato added for flavor and antioxidants, and mostly mirrors the ingredients of Romeo’s Agility Chews, but adds in tart cherry to help combat inflammation in the joints.”

Like Romeo’s Agility Chews, Romeo’s Agility Powder is made from USDA-certified, organic whole-plant ingredients, including organic turmeric, organic functional mushrooms and organic cannabidiol (CBD).

Handcrafted in Colorado by people who are passionate about their pets, Romeo’s Agility Powder is made from highest-quality, USDA-certified, organic whole-plant ingredients, like organic turmeric — a superfood that helps to combat inflammation and improve overall mobility — and organic mushrooms, which are third-party tested to verify their proper medicinal constituents.

“When I saw how active Romeo was as a puppy, I knew I needed to take care of his joint health now, to help prevent problems in the long run,” Marley said of his beloved dog, underscoring the importance of proper diet to lifelong mobility and quality of life for our pets.

“This is a great way for dog owners to ensure that their pets have the nutrition they need to stay healthy and active for as long as possible,” Werner added. “By routinely topping your pet’s food with Romeo’s Agility Powder, you’re supplying the ingredients needed to ensure hip health and joint protection, as well as providing the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals your dog needs for an extended, healthy life.”

Ziggy Marley is an eight-time GRAMMY winner, Emmy winner, musician, producer, activist and humanitarian who has cultivated a legendary career for close to 40 years. The eldest son of Bob and Rita Marley, Ziggy has hewn his own path as a musical pioneer, infusing the reggae genre with funk, blues, rock and other elements through mindful songcraft. Equal parts master storyteller and motivational guide, he deftly explores issues from environmental awareness to self-empowerment, social injustice to political inequality, while returning again and again to the transformative power of love. And over the past 15 years with his own companies Tuff Gong Worldwide and Ishti Music, Marley has complete control of his masters and publishing. His newest release, “Lift Our Spirits, Raise Our Voice” is out now via Tuff Gong Worldwide.